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Greenweimo compostable food service package is natural fiber material, mainly made from sugarcane and wheat straw. All the plant-based tableware can return to the soil and composting, which has no pressure for earth. Our environmentally-friendly biodegradable tableware has various sizes and designs including 5 categories of Biodegradable Plate, Biodegradable Tray, Biodegradable Clamshell, Biodegradable Cup and Biodegradable Bowl. Total 16 production lines, 1500 production molds and the extensive range of disposables offers quality eco biodegradable products at competitive prices. Also it’s possible to get your organic food packing product custom branded, increasing your brand awareness.


Since 2003, 17 years exporting experience of offering a wide range of biodegradable tableware and compostable tableware.


Along with the popular of biodegradable tableware, many pulp and plastic tableware is widely used, and this makes environment pollution, the pulp tableware causes less and less forest, the plastic can not be biodegradable even hundred years. Now here is a solution - GREENWEIMO BIODEGRADABLE TABLEWARE, natural plants, environmentally friendly, safe, and stylish.


GREENWEIMO targets to create a low-carbon enterprise and develop circular economy. The environmentally biodegradable tableware supplied by our company uses annual plant fiber as raw material, it is natural material to lead green life.

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