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3 Divided Compartment Sugarcane Bagasse White Tray


Greenweimo tray made by sugarcane bagasse material, they come from natural and back to natural, so will have no harm to Earth.

Now more and more country have limited for plastic product, as it is harmful for our living condition,

Plastics are clogging the oceans and the cities landfills, wood pulp are making less and less forest.

We were always on the lookout for a solution of these problem, and want to provide a convenient disposable tableware. 

So we worked on the idea of bio degradable disposable tableware in the form of products made from sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw.

Bagasse product is kind of new material used for tableware, they are biodegradable.

The sugarcane bagasse is the raw material obtain after the sugar has been removed from the sugarcane stocks.

In the past, Bagasse was considered a waste product and burned, in the burning, 

unnecessarily polluting the environment with more carbon dioxide. Now the useful properties of Bagasse were discovered, 

it can serve as an excellent alternative to paper, as it does not require cutting down of trees, 

and it does not require as much energy to produce (and does not need to be bleached). 

The product made from bagasse is eco-friendly, and the product performance is good.

Bagasse product is white color, if needed, we can also put PLA film to fit different food.

Also can produce product according to your request.

GREENWEIMO’s goal is offering an alternative to paper, plastic, and Styrofoam at a reasonable price, 

all of our products are easy to handle and lightweight packaging.

We have extensive product lines ranging in size from small to large in various shapes and designs, at present, 

1500 production molds are developed to meet different markets and foods.

Welcome to contact us for more details and sample.

Bagasse Tray


Sugarcane Tray


White Color

Natural plant fiber

3 Compartment Tray

Healy food package

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