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by:Greenweimo     2019-11-16
Trish: since the plastic ban came into effect on January 1, shopkeepers who do their best to find alternatives to plastic handbags have been knocking on the doors of those who offer eco-friendly products
Friendly solution.
Demand for ecology
The friendly package is very high, it is a welcome change but the producer of the ecology
Friendly bags have attracted attention, and a surge in demand for green bags may lead to ecological environment
Friendly Products adulterated.
According to S Ram Prakash, a handbag dealer made of cassava starch, the demand for bags and starch is high
Made a handbag in the last four days.
As a substitute for plastic, corn starch bags that can withstand heat are sold in restaurants to wrap hot gravy and liquid items.
Corn starch packaging looks almost like plastic packaging in appearance and feel.
Only experienced people can distinguish the two.
\"Bags made of cassava starch can be identified, but the corn starch bag looks very similar to the plastic bag.
Given the trader\'s request to find an alternative as early as possible, it is highly possible to mix and cheat, and Ram Prakash, a dealer at Regeno Ventures, produces eco-products
He said it was friendly to carry luggage.
For ecological production
Friendly tote bag, in order to acknowledge that the product does not contain plastic material, the maker of cassava starch tote bag must obtain bag certification from the Central Institute of Plastic and Engineering Technology (CIPET).
\"The person who buys the corn starch bag should verify whether the product is of good quality and is really made of corn starch.
Because there\'s a lot of questions about eco.
People should be vigilant after the ban is implemented, \"said B . V. Vidyanandh, representative of the technology icon automation solution.
Besides the threat of adulterated, ecology
Friendly bag producers claim that their products are placed under 18% of the GST, rather
Woven bags, which were recently banned in the state, were placed on a 12% GST tablet.
After the plastic ban, ecology
Friendly bag producers are calling on the government to put in place strict mechanisms to ensure the quality of the products and to make the ecology
Friendly products are free from high taxes.
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