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an experiment in living plastic-free is no easy task

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-26
In a recent series of worrying reports about plastic, a simple question arises: Can we live without plastic?
My typical family. -
A mom, a dad, a 3-year-
A 7-year-old girlmonth-old boy --
Put aside what seems important in American life.
I decided to try it.
For a week I promise not to buy new plastic and keep the kids away from it.
This means putting together plastic children\'s utensils and plates as well as suction cups and pacifiers.
Went to the store with our own bag and gave up Duncan Donuts coffee and candy.
Cook more and rely less on frozen food.
It seems that the day before I started, I ate like a cookie eater.
Two bags for picking up shit. Plastic-
Packaged fruit snacks
Gatorade and vitamin water.
I bought the clothes on the plastic hanger and when the clerk gave me a plastic bag I said, \"Yes!
\"No one likes to change,\" Peter Lobin of eco
Friendly Solid Waste Solutions Company
But I think the world is changing.
It is forbidden to use chemical double phenol in Canada.
A, considered to mimic estrogen in the body, used from plastic baby bottles.
Melamine is used to make certain plastics, found in eggs, baby formula and milk in China.
Plastic will not degrade in hundreds of years.
On average, our family of four buys or drops 200 plastic items per week and they try to break our addiction.
Beth Terry, an accountant in Oakland, California, warned: \"No one can finish the whole thing in a week . \".
He wrote on his blog about trying to live in plastic.
Free Life of fake plastic fish.
\"I hope you can stress to your readers that the best way to do it is to step by step. \"Indeed.
At the end of my plastic
For the free week, I cut the plastic consumption of our home a lot. -
Unexpectedly, lose weight happily.
On the other hand, my bank account has also become more streamlined.
First of all, I bought two stainless steel water bottles for $45 and a $9
Rubber pacifier for Whole Foods.
Target\'s diapers and biodegradable dog poop bags. A hockey puck-
The lush shampoo bar smells like Jasmine for $9. 25.
To replace baby toiletries, soap that smells like honey is nearly $40 a pound. Going plastic-
Cash is clearly required for free.
On the first day, I washed my hair with a shampoo stick, put my son in diapers, and talked about the new Hello Kitty stainless steel tube Cup that replaced my daughter\'s plastic cup.
Smugness started when my girl swaigs milk and my boy sucked his pacifier.
Then I hit a wall. Breakfast.
Only plastic
Bananas and oatmeal are free.
My daughter doesn\'t want it either.
I fed her cereal from a plastic bag with milk from a plastic jar.
It\'s difficult to find plastic-free lunch. I go without.
I don\'t drink anything at work.
I don\'t have one. plastic cup.
I spoke to Katrina Davidson, who has a blog for sale in Kale.
She lives outside San Francisco and accidentally becomes plastic.
She was free when she started eating local food.
\"It\'s about not going to the grocery store.
Everything was packed at the grocery store.
All the berries are packed in plastic containers.
Lettuce is plastic. The mushrooms.
Davidson went to the farmers market to buy his own container.
The next day, despite Davidson\'s warning, I went to the Whole Foods supermarket, which is known for its green environment.
So, why does everything look plastic?
I bought all kinds of groceries: a bottle of yogurt, cider, 2 pounds bananas, a turkey meatloaf, linen biscuits, three red potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, oatmeal and pretzels from a company called Eco paradise.
Their motto is \"the best cookies in the world, the best cookies in the world \".
\"They are the shape of a hybrid car, the Sun (
For solar energy)
Wind turbines and Earth.
The best cookies on Earth are also packed in plastic bags.
\"We\'re trying to find something greener --
\"From the perspective of packaging, it\'s friendly,\" said James Sego, president of the company . \". \"But . . .
We have a shelf life of two weeks.
\"These cookies need to be able to be placed on the shelves for nine months,\" he said.
On the third day, wash three Ziploc bags and leave them in to dry.
Day FourI cleans the house with a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar and the balm fir essential oil I bought for $13.
Our family has salad sauce and Christmas flavor.
The last preliminaries on the fifth day
The experimental tour to Target led to 13 plastic shopping bags, 10 thousand plastic bags for holy day Candy (
All wrapped in plastic separately)
, A bag of plastic disposable Shaver, two boxes of cereal in plastic bags, three plastic bags for frozen mango, two plastic bags for polyester children\'s pajamas, and two plastic tube cups for plastic packaging.
This time my husband volunteered: \"Okay, so what do we need? Bagels? \"\"No!
We need to get it from the Bagels shop that sells paper bags.
\"It gets worse a day.
We decided to go back to Pampers at night.
The newspaper leaked for three consecutive nights.
On the sixth day, I vowed to avoid the plastic end and put a small decaf coffee on the plastic cover.
I feel guilty about the coffee.
This is the first time I have purchased plastic that I feel is not necessary.
I couldn\'t sleep in bed that night.
My conclusion is that coffee may be regular and full of caffeine. Karma.
I noticed that my jeans were loose, probably because I hadn\'t eaten anything for seven days. I like this.
The end of the plastic --
For a free week, I estimate that our plastic consumption has been reduced by half.
To celebrate, I made lasagna with plastic material.
It seems that life without plastic is almost impossible.
\"You won\'t realize this unless you realize it and you\'re looking for it,\" said accounting Terry, who recorded every piece of plastic she used on her blog.
Then you realize that everything is plastic. \"I am hyper-
Plastic now.
Like I can smell.
I continue to use diapers.
I try to reuse Ziplocs.
I took my steel water bottle to work and my daughter continued to love her.
Let me use shampoo and clean the house with vinegar and baking soda.
When I was shopping, I tried to bring my own bag and I had my product scroll through the cart.
But I often sneak a donut coffee.
I still get a lot of plastic when I shop.
The biggest difference: I feel guilty when I do this. --
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