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Apple Trays

by:Greenweimo     2020-07-24
Styled on the traditional Dorset apple rack, these wooden trays not only allow for the necessary flow of air to pass through the containers, they also have a stacking system of up to eight trays high to make access easy and storage anywhere, compact and convenient. Discard any apples that are bruised, wipe with a cloth, wrap in newspaper, place in the tray and the apple harvest should be safe. Ideal not only for apples but also a variety of fruit and vegetable storage. In areas where apple farming undertook, an acute shortage of apple trays and cartons has added to the woes of growers. Shortage of apple trays and cartons has badly hit apple marketing due to such reason. Horticulturists face losses and are losing on the market value of the plucked fruit as packing material is not available on time. A company is manufacturing apple Packaging trays are 100% biodegradable since they are made from recycled paper. Apple Packaging range is suitable both for apples and pears. One can get more protection as the trays absorb shock from all sides. The fruit arrives in a better condition hence it makes the safer movement of apples and other similar fruits from one place to another. Apple trays manufactured from softwood from sustainably managed forests, they're designed to provide good airflow around each fruit - essential for maintaining fruit quality and longevity. For perfectly storage of the apples and to cope up with environment the packaging companies are adapting new and modern form of packaging materials such as pulp moldings which ensures safer movement of the fruits like apple and also prevents the fruits to get bruised or damaged during the transit. Using such newly advent packaging during transport and handling the trays absorb all shocks and thereby protect the fruit from damage.
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