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Are Sugarcane Plates Biodegradable


Are sugarcane plates biodegradable? The answer is yes. Sugarcane plates is completely degradable, because this kind of food packaging uses natural material-bagasse. Is an eco products sugarcane plates.

Sugarcane plates

What is sugarcane bagasse?

Sugarcane is a tropical and subtropical herb with annual or perennial roots and is a C4 crop. The sugarcane stalk is upright, thick and juicy, and the surface is often covered with white powder. The leaves are alternate, with small sharp teeth on the margins, and the flower spikes are compound racemes. Sugarcane is a temperature-loving and light-loving crop. The annual accumulated temperature needs to be 5500℃~8500℃, the frost-free period is more than 330d, the average annual air humidity is 60%, the annual precipitation is 800~1200mm, and the sunshine hours are more than 1195 hours. Sugarcane has a wide range of adaptability to the soil, with clay loam, loam and sandy loam better. The soil pH value is 4.5~8.0, sugarcane can grow, but the soil pH value is 6.5~7.5.

Sugarcane is one of the main raw materials for sugar production. After squeezing the sugar, what remains is sugarcane bagasse, and about 50% of the fiber can be used to make paper, and sugarcane plates. However, some of the cane pith (myeloid cells) has no interweaving power and should be removed before the pulping process. The bagasse fiber length is about 0.65-2.17mm, and the width is 21-28μm. Although its fiber shape is not comparable to wood and bamboo, it is slightly better than rice and wheat straw fibers. The slurry can be mixed with some wood pulp to make offset printing paper, cement bag paper, eco products sugarcane plates, etc.


What are the usages of sugarcane bagasse?

Usage 1: Sugarcane bagasse can be turned into feed. After the bagasse is recovered, the sugarcane bagasse and urea can be mixed, then fermented, and finally dried and ground into powder, which can be used as feed for feeding cattle, sheep, pigs, etc. because sugarcane bagasse contains high sugar and nutrients.

Usage 2: Sugarcane bagasse can be used to produce fuel, alcohol, etc. The cellulose in bagasse can be converted into sugar, which can be considered as a full use of sugarcane bagasse when it is made into alcohol and fuel.

Usage 3: Sugarcane bagasse can be used to make paper and board, as well as the sugarcane plates manufacturing process. At present, our country has very high technology to replace wood with bagasse as the raw material for manufacturing eco products sugarcane plates, mulch film, and paper dining utensils, which can reduce tree felling, protect the environment, and make disposable utensils green and environmentally friendly sugarcane tableware.


What is bagasse tableware, sugarcane plates?

Bagasse pulp tableware is made of one-year-old non-wood plant fiber (bagasse) as raw material. After processing, it becomes pulp. The pulp is formed by vacuum adsorption through a mold, dried, and then processed by high-tech science and technology. Sugarcane plates are suitable for microwave oven drying Bake, freeze and keep fresh in the refrigerator, have recycling value, fertilizer can be recycled, naturally degraded and muddy into organic fertilizer, it is a relatively environmentally friendly tableware.


Why can sugarcane plates degrade?

The bagasse tableware, sugarcane plates mentioned earlier is food packaging made of plant fiber. This plant fiber comes from nature and can be degraded in the natural environment through natural photosynthesis.


What types of GREENWEIMO bagasse food packages are available?

There are roughly five types of our bagasse tableware: sugarcane plates, trays, packing boxes, cups and bowls, with different sizes and shapes to meet different food packaging needs. You can also customize and develop new products according to customer needs.

The sugarcane plates products made by GREENWEIMO's bagasse tableware are all natural bagasse white, which looks healthy and pollution-free, and comes from nature. Not only does it look green in appearance, but the eco products sugarcane plates itself is also biodegradable. It is the first alternative to other disposable tableware. Choose to reduce the pollution of the global environment.

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