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Bagasse And Its Usage In Household And Office Items

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-23
Everyone is fond of sugar cane juice but have you thought about the usage of the residue which is thrown out after the machine extracts the juice? Bargasse is the fiber residue which is left out after the extraction of sugarcane juice and is extensively used as renewable resource. It is used for the preparation of pulp and other paper products which can find application in houses and companies. This fiber residue is used for the manufacture of several eco friendly products like paper cups, containers, plates and other cutlery items. Any type of insulated food container can be made from this residue and hence Styrofoam is getting replaced at faster pace. You can find number of local stores which sell greener products which are user friendly and does not cause any pollution to the environment. During the manufacture of tableware the sugarcane fibers are crushed by machines under high pressure and temperature to produce a mold like structure. This can be used for the preparation of several daily usage products like paper cups and paper plates. Since it is fully compostable and bio-degradable product it does not harm the surrounding. After usage it can recycled again for further use and can be decomposed completely after 60 days. Hence sugarcane residue is an excellent alternative to harmful petroleum products. Since sugarcane crop is available in all living areas of the world, the production of sugarcane residue is not difficult. The products of tableware made from sugarcane fiber can withstand heat and cold. The cups made out of this residue can withstand heat up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. It is suitable for serving cold coffee and cold beverages to the customer and you can use this eco friendly product in your office. Since the products made from sugarcane fiber can withstand heat you can use the food plates for heating in microwave also. Also you can use this product for storing any cold things on your refrigerator. At home you can use them safely for storing any type of food either hot or cold. You can use it in party for serving snacks and food and the remnants of the product can be disposed off 100%. The product of sugarcane fiber Bagasse has been also used for making cigars which are completely tobacco free. It is also used in the manufacture of cattle food when it is combined with molasses. Apart from this it is used in the manufacture of envelopes, copying paper and writing paper. Above all the entire range of products produced by sugarcane fiber is organic and chemical free.
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