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Bagasse Products, Greenweimo Make Green Disposable Tableware


Bagasse products are a kind of green disposable tableware and should become the mainstream tableware. In recent years, the takeaway industry has boomed, and the amount of disposable tableware has doubled. Plastic packing boxes and plastic bags have become the number one waste in the city. Landfill disposal is not easy to degrade, if incineration disposal, there are risks such as secondary air pollution, and takeaway garbage has undoubtedly become the biggest obstacle on the road to urban green development. As society attaches importance to environmental protection issues, it advocates the using of environmentally green disposable tableware has become the main theme of the current takeaway industry, and has created a broader development space for environmentally friendly disposable tableware manufacturers such as bagasse product manufacturers.

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Why Greenweimo Makes Bagasse Products?

Our three meals a day are inseparable from tableware. With the popularity of takeaways, the consumption of disposable tableware has doubled. Two meals a day have become the number one garbage in the city?

Bagasse products, green disposable tableware urgently need to appear in people's lives. Because an environmental crisis report reflects:

A forest the size of a football field disappears from the earth every two seconds.

At least 1 billion tons of garbage are scattered into the natural environment every year.

The volume of paper and plastic disposable tableware has exceeded one Everest.

Even more magical is that it takes at least 730,000 days for disposable tableware to completely degrade in nature!

Therefore, green disposable tableware urgently needs to become the mainstream of tableware, and bagasse products are one of them.

What Did Grennweimo Do For This?

Faced with such a huge environmental killer, have no masters come out to make a siege? Not, Grennweimo has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of environmentally friendly green disposable tableware, like bagasse products. Always focusing on corporate brand building and product quality improvement. By increasing investment in research and development, it has gradually become an innovation driver on the development path.

Our company has produced more than 50 types of vegetable fiber disposable environmentally-friendly tableware such as bagasse plates, bagasse bowls, and bagasse snack boxes, and can be customized according to customer requirements, relying on excellent products. Quality has won the recognition of consumers at home and abroad. Since its development, Grennweimo environmental protection green disposable tableware products have been exported to many countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, covering Carrefour, Walmart and other large supermarkets.

How Do Us Make Bagasse Products?

Greenweimo's environmentally friendly green disposable tableware uses sugar cane residue after pressing sugar as raw materials to make vegetable fiber pulp, and then processes it into tableware of various shapes and specifications.

We have sugarcane plates,sugarcane bowls,sugarcane cups,sugarcane trays,sugarcane clamshells, and more other sugarcane products. Bagasse product has the advantages of heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, non-toxicity, environmental protection and degradability, and meets national health and environmental protection regulations. In the process of making friendly disposable tableware, in addition to not harming the natural environment, the finished product is completely natural.

Of course, it can be naturally broken down into natural nutrients. The green disposable tableware we produce can be completely degraded within three months, releasing carbon dioxide, which will not cause pollution to the air and soil. The bagasse product can also be naturally degraded and reduced to organic fertilizer for sugar cane cultivation. This circular economy is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

How The International Community Responds To The Ecology?

Humans live in the natural environment, so the natural environment is the basic condition for human survival, and a material source for the development of production and prosperity of the economy. Without the vast natural environment of the earth, human beings cannot survive and reproduce.

With the rapid population growth and the development of productive forces, the rapid advancement of science and technology, the continuous discharge of industrial and domestic waste, which has led to the increasingly serious pollution of the atmosphere, water quality and soil, and the natural ecological balance has been severely impacted and destroyed. Many Resources are decreasing and facing the danger of depletion; soil erosion, land desertification are becoming more serious, and food production and human health are seriously threatened.

Therefore, maintaining ecological balance and protecting the environment are fundamental issues related to human survival and social development.We need to make green disposable tableware, like bagasse products, the current trend.

Looking at the international community, many countries have issued plastic restriction orders on plastic products. For example, the Queen of England last year banned royals from using plastic straws and plastic tableware. More and more attention in environmental protection.

What Have We Achieved Today?

At present, disposable plastic tableware is being replaced by environmentally friendly green disposable tableware. Since its establishment, Greenweimo has been continuously investing in new bagasse product research and development. It currently has obtained an authoritative system certified. Although disposable plastic tableware still occupies a larger market in the current market, we believe that as the government and the public's awareness of ecological protection increases year by year, environmentally friendly disposable tableware entering people's lives has become a trend.

Nowadays, people have become more aware of protecting the environment, ecology, and nature. In terms of food and beverage, the use of disposable chopsticks and the use of disposable lunch boxes are gradually being reduction, environmentally friendly disposable tableware is being continuously valued and used by people. The sugarcane-based tableware produced by our company has the advantages of environmental degradation and is willing to contribute to the change of the environment.

On the road to environmental protection, human beings have a long way to go. In addition to not destroying, they do small things daily, such as separate collection of waste, saving electricity, no wasting water resources and using environmentally friendly products, like bagasse products, our environment will become better and better.

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