Benefits of Molded Pulp Packaging

You might think of molded pulp as packaging for egg cartons or beverage trays. But over the past few years, it has become an increasingly popular choice for manufacturers and consumers. If you're considering switching to Styrofoam or plastic, molded pulp packaging can offer countless benefits in terms of production and performance.

1. Profitability of molded pulp packaging

Molded pulp packaging saves space, time and money. Its nestable, stackable design reduces shipping volume by up to 50%, allowing you to transport more units per truck. By reducing the frequency of shipments, you can save labor. During shipping, the low volume molded pulp packaging is drop and impact tested - with excellent resistance to vibration, water and weather.

2. Recyclability of molded pulp packaging

With only 14% of plastic packaging being recycled and more than 40% going to landfill, the packaging industry must now take steps to stop plastic pollution. Molded pulp packaging is already made from post-consumer paper, offering manufacturers a more recyclable and responsible solution than plastic. After use, the molded pulp packaging can be recycled again. In fact, two-thirds of recycled packaging materials are paper - more than glass, metal and plastic combined.

3. Sustainability of moulded pulp packaging

The sustainable consumption and production of moulded pulp packaging requires more than just recycling. To truly transform our "take, make and waste" economy, we must move from linear to circular supply chains to reduce waste and reuse resources. For centuries, pulp and paper mills have had success with circular supply chains that recycle products and reuse by-products. Molded pulp manufacturing provides new uses for waste streams such as sludge, ash, lignin and wastewater.

With all of the above advantages and more, molded pulp packaging provides cleaner, more environmentally friendly packaging that can make a big difference to your bottom line. As a professional biodegradable packaging manufacturer, GREENWEIMO offers custom molded pulp packaging and our goal is to provide an affordable alternative to paper, plastic and styrofoam, all of our products are easy to handle and have lightweight packaging. We have an extensive product line of various shapes and designs from small to large, currently a total of 36 production lines and 2000 production molds have been developed to meet different markets and commodities.