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Best eco tableware disposable Supply for oily food

Best eco tableware disposable Supply for oily food

Best eco tableware disposable Supply for oily food
  • Best eco tableware disposable Supply for oily food

Best eco tableware disposable Supply for oily food

Material: Wheat straw and Bagasse...
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The quality inspections of Greenweimo eco tableware have been carried out. These inspections are mainly smoothness, splicing trace, cracks, anti-fouling ability, stability, and durability. Its shelf is adjustable and safe to use
Greenweimo biodegradable plate is required to go through various kinds of tests. These tests include fatigue resistance testing, static loading testing, colorfastness testing, and perforation resistance testing. Its surface is well polished for enhanced safety
Extensive tests have been performed on Greenweimo eco tableware. They cover colorfastness testing, tear strength testing, abrasion resistance testing, and dimensional stability testing. It is suitable to be applied in supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, etc
Greenweimo biodegradable plate is designed on the basic concept of ergonomics. The design concerns different foot shapes, comfort level, arch support function, and pressure distribution. It shows premium waterproof performances
Greenweimo eco tableware will be strictly inspected in terms of appearance. Checking points including loose/uncut thread, dirt mark, oil stain, wrinkle, and washing marks will be taken into account. There are no scratches or marks found on its surface
The rebound ability of the product shall be noticed. It's just like a platform allows the foot to land and bounce back effortlessly and quickly to reduce energy loss. It has built-in price tag holding channels
The product has a smooth and delicate surface. It is carefully polished with a certain degree of reflection and brightness. The middle supporting beam on each tier holds the board more firmly for extra guarantee
A huge amount of labor cost can be saved by using this product. Unlike the traditional drying methods which need frequent drying in the sun, the product features automation and smart control. It comes with small holes in the shell
The product features safety. Any spill or accidental release can be quickly identified and detected, because of ammonia's strong odor. It is odourless to provide a good shopping experience
The product is abrasion-resistant. The surface of the yarn is covered with irregularly wound fibers and it is not easy to disintegrate. Also, the friction of the yarn is large enough. It attracts more than 200 customers from over 40 countries or regions
The product is scratch and wear resistance. Its materials are all abrasion-proof and have excellent chemical and physical strength and stiffness. It comes with small holes in the shell
This product needs little maintenance throughout its service life. So it can greatly help save maintenance costs in the renovation projects. The product is manufactured by a factory meeting the standards of ISO9001 and TUV
Contribute to physical comfort and visual appeal, this piece of clothing will help an individual feel good and more confident. It requires a small number of nails, which facilitates installation
This product makes all types of shoes more comfortable. Its breathability keeps the feet well ventilated, creating a cool and dry feet environment. Under certain external pressure, it still remains its shape without deformation
This product will benefit those who want to appear trendy and fashionable. This fashion piece makes them perfectly what they want. A huge impact or collision won't change its appearance
This product is easy to wash and care for. So people will finally enjoy the money saved on the maintenance. There are no scratches or marks found on its surface
With excellent sweat absorption, it can keep people's feet feeling fresh and invigorated, as well as always make the shoe cool and clean. Shelves can be inserted flat or in an angled down position
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