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Biodegradable Bags

by:Greenweimo     2020-07-19
Hi friends! I am here to tell you about biodegradable packaging or biodegradable bags!! Word biodegradable is something sounds wow. Now there is an increasing demand for biodegradable bags especially for consumer packaging due to serious environmental concerns. Lots of customers pay more money if the product is packed in biodegradable bags. The customer now thinks we should give something good to mother earth. So bio bags are getting more and more popular. There is a company named sun chips which has introduced their potato chips in biodegradable packaging. They were the first company in the world who has come up with compostable packaging. They also have made television advertisement about their potato chips packaging film used. The response was tremendous from the customers. Their sales grew more than 300% . This is one of the most success stories of biodegradable bags for potato chips packaging. There is one problem in sun chips packaging, the shelf life of the product is reduced and crispness of the product packed is not good compared with traditional plastic bags packaging. Still they have success and this is the happy ending of sun chips biodegradable packaging. Similarly there are many companies like Kenco coffee trying to sell the products which is environmental friendly plastic bags. Before kenco coffee used to pack their coffee in glass jars. They now pack coffee with resealable plastic bags with zipper bags. These bags are better known as 'stand up pouches' this stand up bags is also resealable Ziploc so the product can be resealed again. They also made advertisement that they have reduced the packaging weight by using flexible packaged plastic bags rather than traditional glass containers or jars. After this advertisement their sales increased around 400%. By using flexible packaging instead of bottles there is saving of 7 times transportation cost. So for example we can fit 100000 glass or plastic jars and the truck if full. But if we fix stand up pouches it will be around 700000 bags. So it saves fuel. Now biodegradable bags can be made with many different products like corn starch, rice starch, etc. So we have to use natural resources once again to produce biodegradable packaging. So if there is a high demand of biodegradable bags then farmers has to sow rice and corn more and instead of human consumption of this products we have to send them to the plastic factory. So poor countries like Africa, India and china there is a shortage of food and many human beings will be in trouble due to high food price as there will be acute shortage of food grains in the market. This will create big problem of surviving for poor countries where food grains is the main staple diet. So according to me there are two sides of the product one is good and other side is very bad. For my conclusion we should avoid using biodegradable packaging because it consumes our natural resources and continue using some of the reprocessed plastic which will balance the wheel of the environment. For more information please visit:
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