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Biodegradable Plates

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-26
Catering products are part of the group of Perishable Products, disposable cutlery and crockery, also bowls, pots and plates, foil packaging for hamburgers and also straws. All of the fore mentioned are often dumped after a single use, this forms large amounts of waste and is especially evident at large events like concerts. But when these products are made from Bioplastics you are given a significant advantage in not just the economical sense but also in the ecological sense. Biodegradable Plates can be made from any of 3 different types of Bioplastics; they are very popular in catering and extremely environmentally friendly. In this article I will write about the 3 types of Bioplastics used for plates: Starch Based Plastic This type actually constitutes to roughly 50% of the Bioplastics Market, it is currently the most widely used and important. The starch gives it the characteristics to absorb humidity which makes it possible to be used as a casing for pharmaceutical drugs. For plates it can handle a range of temperatures without compromising its strength. Polylactide Acid Plastics This is also known as (PLA) and is made form natural resources with a transparent effect. It can be easily processed on standard equipment that is used in the production of traditional plastics. This is commonly used for plates and cups. Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate Also known as (PHB) it is a polyester that is manufactured from raw renewable materials. Every growing in popularity a lot of companies Are trying to expand their production capabilities for this type of Bioplastic. If you are hosting an event (especially an outdoors event) you should really look at getting Biodegradable Plates), they are not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective.
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