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Biomass Briquettes are Enough to Meet Demand of Fuel

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-09
Biomass briquettes used as a renewable energy resource is manufactured through the briquette plant in an eco-friendly way. There are many biomass residues and waste materials causing the environmental pollution and other bad impact on our climate. Some of the agricultural waste and forestry waste are recycled in the biomass briquetting plant to make the renewable fuel briquettes. Hence, briquetting of waste materials avoid the pollution by reusing the waste materials that not be used for the productivity at all. The biomass briquettes made by using agricultural waste also known as agro-waste briquettes. The manufacturing process of the biomass briquettes is totally environment friendly as the briquetting press machine produces the biofuel brickets without any additional chemical for binding. Hence, it is a non-polluting technique to manufacture a precious solid fuel briquette. The biomass briquetting plant machine manufactures the high quality briquettes from the residues and waste with minimum electrical load and power requirements. So, it is the economically suitable plant for all the developing countries. The biofuel briquette has too many advantages to use than black coal. The brickets can be used as a fuel for cooking at home as well as a fuel for heat and steam generating in industrial boilers. This is because the biomass brickets are renewable, pollution free and eco-friendly biofuel. Due to uniform size and hardness, this bio fuel can be easily stacked for shipment, neat packaging and more efficient utilization of storage space. The calorific value of this white coal briquettes (up to 4000 Kcal/kg) is more than any other fuel. The ash content generated after burning the briquettes is up to 2-10%. Also there are no harmful gases such as sulfur and phosphor released while burning. These facts show that the briquettes are clean and efficient bio fuel. Another considerable thing about this white coal brickets is that they do not immerse too much moisture. The moisture content in briquettes is less than 8%. The efficiency of the industrial boilers is as high as 70% with the use of this fuel brickets. Due to all these advantages and splendid features, the briquettes can easily take the place of all the fossil fuels. The increasing use of brickets avoids the possibility of the deforestation in developing countries. The biomass brickets provide a steady source of energy which reduces many environmental issues. The briquetting plant solves many energy crisis by converting waste into brickets. Hence, using the biomass briquetting plant for renewable energy resource is a good choice for many nations.
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