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Businesses Can Green Their Office

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-25
1. Encourage your employees to carpool to work. Look into the possibility of flexible work hours or even 4 ten hours days. Less gas would be consumed with a reduced number of trips to the office. Or, even consider a day a week or a month when your employees would work at home. 2. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. In the evening, have someone power down or shut off your printers, faxes and computers. There is some debate on the wear and tear on shutting off computers over night. I suggest that you shut off all the electronics. 3. Laptop computers use less energy than desktop computers. Check the Energy Star ratings when buying the laptop. 4. Rooms that are not always used such as conference rooms, storage rooms, break rooms or bathrooms a lighting motion sensor will shut off lights when there is no on in the room. A timer on the light is another way to limit the lighting when the room is empty. 5. Recycle, reuse, reduce. Make sure paper, bottles, and cans are deposited in separate bins in the office for recycling. If your office building does not recycle, request the office management company to install a process to start the recycling. 6. Your office can get paper, envelopes, folders, and note pads that are made of recycled paper. You can find them at any of the major office supply companies. 7. Maintain your HVAC equipment and change filters monthly. Your equipment will be more efficient, therefore, will be using less electricity. Install programmable thermostats. The temperature will be changed when the employee are out of the office. 8. For break rooms, coffee / tea corners, or lunch rooms, switch to biodegradable food service tableware. Plastic and Styrofoam tableware is made from petroleum products. Biodegradable food service tableware is made from renewable resources like sugarcane. Biodegradable items will compost between 50 to 180 days. Styrofoam will not decompose.
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