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can green cellphones ring the changes in mobile industry?

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-11
Next time you go and throw away your old phone, Gert-
Van Breugel wants you to bury it in the garden on January, instead of throwing it in the trash can.
Of course, if the phone you are using is a biodegradable bamboo phone, he designed a bamboo phone implanted with bamboo seeds, and when the phone disintegrates on the ground, the bamboo seeds should start to sprout.
Mobile phones are also energy independent. -a three-
The slight rotation on the back of the crank is (short)
Make a phone call or send a few text messages.
\"I think in a few years, we will see a lot of greener phones in the market,\" Danish product design teacher Bruger was recognized for its environmental protection in the green electronics competition.
A friendly phone call to CNN.
\"Maybe it will even turn into hype or have other potential.
\"Major handset makers also want to take advantage of the growing demand for green mobile devices that some have predicted in the coming years, from consumers worried about reducing their carbon footprint.
In recent months, some mobile phone manufacturers have released eco-
Friendly mobile phone design, including housing made from solar panels to recycled plastic bottles, tries to measure the market\'s interest in the Earth
Conscious mobile phone
After environmental groups have severely criticized the use of harmful materials for mobile phones, the industry has also begun to move towards green, which is often released into the atmosphere and water of developing countries, there are millions of unwanted mobile phones in the world that are eventually buried or improperly recycled or burned.
However, despite the growing interest in green products, the question still to be answered is whether consumers are willing to pay extra for green phones?
Tom Bird, an industry analyst in the UK, said: \"There are studies that say yes, they will, and there are other studies that say people don\'t really care about green . \"
Based on CCS Insights.
\"What they really care about is making things cheaper for them.
\"As long as they have a roof on their head, they may start thinking about green, but if they don\'t work, Green will go out of the window,\" Bird added . \".
A study by Strategy Analytics found that most consumers in Europe and the United States did not give priority to buying a sustainable, eco-protected mobile phone
Friendly material.
However, the survey also shows that as long as the price of green phones is high, a small number of affluent, environment-conscious consumers are willing to pay more for it.
Design of appearance and fashion.
\"Unfortunately, the current price of the product is very low
Specifications, entry-level products, will not attract ecology at all
Kevin Nolan, a strategic analysis analyst, said by email: \"conscious consumers.
\"It\'s no wonder that you let a typical consumer imagine an ecology.
Friendly phone, they will think it will be damaged in design or function
Because it\'s green.
\"Although it caused a lot of buzz, van Breugel, a bamboo phone designed, can only make phone calls and text messages.
Other green phones like Solar
Electric vehicles launched by Chinese manufacturer ZTE in partnership with Latin American service provider Digicel also have only basic features.
ZTE said it is exploring other markets for solar cell phones in developing countries, which have limited power supply but do not intend to launch such products in China, the world\'s largest mobile phone market, because consumers are only interested in buying flashy phones with cameras. Music player and Internet access.
Iza Kruszewska said that customer demand for the latest mobile technology is one of the main challenges for mobile phone manufacturers to continuously introduce more complex products, and the industry is trying to become greener. A toxic activist at Greenpeace International.
Kruszewska told CNN: \"We said to the company that through your marketing, you are stimulating customers to keep changing their phones because they want new features, new colors, or new things, \"Notice that the first service life of the phone is between 18 and 24 months.
\"While we have these types of production and consumption systems, even the greenest phones, whether they use energy directly or harmful substances, will never really be sustainable.
\"However, some big companies are producing green phones to meet the needs of tech-savvy consumers who are constantly seeking to upgrade to the latest technology.
Samsung Electronics plans to release its Blue Earth solar-
Mobile phones launched in Europe later this year.
The company says pebbles
The shape of the mobile phone, free of harmful substances, made of recycled water bottles, is the first eco-mobile phone
Friendly mobile phone with no compromise in function, product design or UI, with attractive style (user interface).
\"At the Mobile World Conference to test Samsung Blue Earth, watch Adrian Finigan also have an energy efficient \"ecological model\" and an \"ecological walk\" to calculate carbon emissions to save by walking instead of traffic, users are even allowed to calculate their carbon footprint value by the number of trees saved.
Samsung said the price of the phone has not yet been determined.
Motorola recently released the MOTO W233 Renew, the company said it was the first carbon neutral mobile phone in the world.
Renew itself is also made of recycled bottles, which can be almost completely recycled and sold in a package made of 100% recycled paper.
Motorola pays to offset carbon emissions from manufacturing and distributing mobile phones and recycle them at the end of their life.
Other manufacturers, such as Sony Ericsson and Nokia, are working to incorporate sustainable features throughout the phone mix, rather than focusing on developing a green model.
Last year, Sony Ericsson launched a concept phone called GreenHeart, which consists of biodegradable components with energy-saving chargers and electronic manuals instead of paper chargers.
The company said it would use the concept to look at how to achieve sustainable functionality across all products.
\"You have the potential to get into the gimmicks and marketing strategies of green products,\" said Mats pelscharp, Sony Ericsson\'s sustainability director . \".
\"If you don\'t do the right thing for the right reason, consumers may lose confidence in your industry and your company.
Scharp said that Sony Ericsson chose not to add features such as solar cells to the phone, because in most cases the energy used to produce the battery will be far more than the energy saved by using them to charge the mobile device.
\"From an energy point of view, solar cells have been rewarded for more than five years if you don\'t keep it in the sun,\" Scharp said . \".
\"From an environmental point of view, we don\'t think it has any benefit.
\"Nokia, the world\'s largest handset maker, has also added some green features to many of its phones.
All of its devices are recyclable up to 80% and come with an energy-efficient charger.
In addition, the company operates the largest voluntary mobile recycling program with nearly 5,000 collection points worldwide.
Nokia is developing an ecosystem.
Friendly apps that can also run on your phone.
Nokia 5630 Xpress Music comes with the pre-installed software \"we: offset\", which allows users to calculate carbon emissions.
Another project called Green Browser enables users to plan their travels more sustainably.
Mitti Storckovius said: \"It only starts to have an impact on the planet when we have a lot of features that consumers are starting to buy,\" said head of the Nokia environmental initiative team.
\"If we just had a show phone on the glass podium, we said it was our green phone and it really didn\'t help anyone if it wasn\'t used by the masses.
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