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Cardboard Box Making Machinery

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-08
We see so many cardboard boxes every day that we do not really think about how they are being made. But it is also needed to have cardboard box making machines to make those boxes. As you can imagine, you really need to use different machines if you want to make boxes of different shapes and sizes. A box making machine can actually work on different kind of material whether you are using something thin or thicker. Those box making machines can do the work really quickly at rates going from about five hundred boxes per hour up to one thousand five hundred per hour. Most of them usually include integrated computer to manage and change settings if necessary. Those computers are very much like any industrial computer as they need to be able to cope with being used for very long hours in a factory with maybe dust. They also tend to be easy to setup and use and one of the best features is the fact that it keeps in memory the previous tasks asked. But with more and more pressure from environmentalists and the growing demand from some companies, box making companies try to use a much eco friendly paperboard as possible, with now companies offering the possibility to have cardboard boxes made from recycled materials that are also made with clean energy like wind energy for example. As cardboard boxes are usually simply considered as litter, it is important for those companies to show to their clients and the world that they are working in an eco friendly way. As cardboard boxes are first a packaging solution, it is important that they do not look like a piece of litter. Many box making companies now offer new designs and solutions for more interesting packaging solutions that will be more appealing. It is now very easy to change to colour of the boxes for instance. It is also important to notice that most boxes you would see or use are actually corrugated boxes. Most people would most commonly call them as being cardboard boxes but cardboard can actually be any heavy paper based board. In most cases, only specialist would use the word corrugated. Various machines are involved in the making of the cardboard boxes we all know and use. But even if a box looks like a simple thing, it involves complicated techniques and processes that make cardboard box making machinery so interesting.
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