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Catering Outdoor Graduation Celebrations

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-20
The warm spring of West Texas makes for a great opportunity to celebrate a Graduation party in the great outdoors. There's plenty of space with little cost, but there are a few things you'll have to plan for to really bring out the best in your outdoor event. Choosing an outdoor friendly menu is crucial to how comfortable the party will be. Avoid heavy or hot dishes or dinnerware. You may consider looking into environmentally friendly dinnerware, such as biodegradable dishes, cups, and utensils. When it comes to the meal, nothing should be too complex like steak that you'd have to sit down to cut up. Fajitas, barbeque chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs all make for convenient party foods. Consider talking with your West Texas catering series about the best choice for outdoor-friendly meals. Also, be sure to ask your caterer if they provide warming devices since you'll have to make sure that there's equipment available to keep the food at the right temperature throughout the event. The event setting is another factor you must consider for your outdoor event. Choosing your location is the first step. Parks which are open and provide plenty of access to space and entertainment are great options for large parties. The backyard or even an open access location, like the Monahan's Sandhills, can also be great outdoor locations. Because the outdoors can be a little tricky, you can take a few precautions so you'll be ready for anything that might surprise you. Start by designing your event area with decorations, giving it the proper lighting to prepare for the evening, and setting the area apart as unique. A tent can help give shelter from the direct sun or even a surprise rainfall. It will also provide you with a great spot to sit down and eat, keeping your food and trash in one location for easy cleanup. Entertainment is not to be overlooked. While discussions and stories of school and education will be amongst the most popular forms of entertainment, you can still incorporate music and games to get things moving. Luckily, music is easily taken care of with an iPod or MP3 player affixed with music that your graduate will enjoy. Games can consist of thought puzzles and trivia, to help stimulate the mind. Planning your outdoor graduation party takes special consideration. But with some preparation and by getting helpful advice from your caterer, you can rest assured that your graduate will appreciate celebrating their wonderful achievement.
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