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costa coffee pledges to recycle half a billion disposable cups a year

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-29
Costa coffee, the UK\'s largest coffee retailer, promises to recycle billions of coffee cups each year by 2020, a landmark initiative designed to deal with plastic waste.
This commitment is equivalent to recycling the same number of cups it has put on the market and will get a large portion from both.
Throw out 5 billion take-out cups nationwide every year.
Although it is often marked as recyclable, the vast majority of paper coffee cups are eventually buried or burned due to plastic liners used for waterproofing.
By paying garbage collectors the cost of bringing coffee cups to professional facilities, Costa hopes to significantly increase the speed of cup recycling.
In the end, what the customer needs to do is throw the cup into the standard recycle bin to make sure the cup avoids landfill.
The move is the most ambitious move so far by a major coffee chain since The Independent launched the campaign to cut cup waste.
After the report of the Environmental Audit Committee recommended that ministers take drastic measures to deal with coffee cup waste, the campaign was launched to drive action by governments and businesses and to promote potential solutions.
Dominic Paul, general manager of Costa, told The Independent: \"The campaign of the independent emphasizes the importance of finding a solution to this problem . \".
Under pressure from activists, Starbucks promised to develop a \"fully recyclable cup\" for £ 7, while Whiterose promised to phase out disposable coffee cups in the store by the fall.
But as a colleague of Peter Goodwin
The director of the recycling program simply told The Independent that the facility for recycling disposable coffee cups already exists.
\"There are a lot of infrastructure that may be much more than the cups that are currently being restored,\" he said . \".
At present, there are three UK paper mills that can handle cups-James croper, ace uk and DS Smith-and they have more than four comprehensive recycling capabilities.
5 billion takeout cups
Mr. Paul said Costa was well aware of this when looking for ways to deal with store waste.
\"The main problem is that, in fact, the price per ton of cups received by waste management companies means that it\'s not economical for them to bring the cups to the paper mill-there\'s not enough profit for them already, he said.
\"We realize that if we are going to overcome this obstacle, it is actually an obstacle that we have to overcome, and as market leaders we think we should overcome it.
\"To address this shortage, Costa Coffee has agreed to pay an additional £ 75 per ton to waste management, which makes it economically feasible to ship cups to paper mills.
In doing so, it predicts that the number of cups recycled by UK factories will increase from 14 million this year to 100 million.
The company has established partnerships with five national waste collectors-Veolia, the ratio method, Suez, Glenton and the first mile, they covered British universities and transportation hubs, including hospitals.
The coffee giant also works with paper mills to ensure their products are effectively recycled.
James croper, for example, plans to \"upgrade\" 0. 5 billion cups a year to make plasticfree packaging.
\"We have developed these processes because we recognize that brands need to consider their packaging design and explore plastics --
Phil Wilder, chief executive of James croper, said.
By building more partnerships with waste contractors in each region, Costa intends to reach its goal of half a billion in two years.
A report predicts that by 2030, the number of takeout beverage cups thrown away by the UK will increase by a third, and the government has recently failed to support a \"latte tax\" to prevent the use of cups, it is the responsibility of the business to act on a large amount of waste in the product.
Commenting on the announcement, Environment Minister Therese Coffey said: \"congratulate Costa on taking this important step to help coffee lovers do the right thing and increase recycling.
We are all responsible for our environment, which is an important step for UK businesses, which will greatly increase the number of disposable coffee cups we recycle in this country.
\"We want to help companies get rid of plastic pollution, and through our 25-year environmental plan, we are developing ambitions to encourage all of us to play a role in eliminating the scourge of plastic waste our natural environment
\"We hope that through this announcement our other competitors will join us as well-we don\'t understand why they don\'t join,\" Mr Paul said . \".
Concern about plastic waste, especially its harm to the marine environment, has led many communities in the UK to try to eradicate the single
Completely use plastic such as disposable coffee cups.
As public awareness grows, the company feels pressure to act on the waste of disposable coffee cups.
The Independent\'s \"reduce Cup Waste\" campaign found that the majority of the British public will support a 25 p fee for disposable coffee cups, investigating the use of Chinese cups in major coffee chains, and called on businesses and governments to be responsible for their waste.
\"What these activities do is increase the customer\'s focus on this area-which is very correct-which actually helps us, because it enables us to work faster with some waste management companies than we would have done, Mr. Paul said.
\"It helps us to do the right thing.
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