Custom Molded Pulp Packaging

Custom Molded Pulp Packaging

Eco friendly custom packaging for the brand and the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and naturally degradable materials reflect an enterprise's sense of social responsibility and increase the customer's sense of trust. Custom molded pulp packaging can add value to the brand, establish user loyalty and convey the mission of the enterprise. GREENWEIMO provides custom moulded pulp packaging according to diffrent requests.

Custom Pulp Packaging Solution

Custom molded pulp packaging solution of GREENWEIMO aims to customize eco friendly fiber/bagasse compostable based packaging for articles by senior scientific and technological R & D personnel through the world's leading product R & D center and advanced R & D equipment. No matter what kind of design enterprises consider for any product type they need, we believe we can help. As one of most professional bagasse packaging manufacturers, we can help enterprises meet the packaging requirements for their brand products. So that custom pulp packaging is not only a protection of products, but also more prominent is the enterprise's brand concept and respect for consumers.

  • Custom Compostable Foodservice Packaging
    As an environmental protection technology company, GREENWEIMO has been exploring the road of environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • Compostable Makeup Packaging
    GREENWEIMO has always been in the forefront of environmental protection, hoping to use environmental protection to change our living habits and protect our beautiful earth.
  • Custom Biodegradable Molded Pulp Packaging For Horticulture
    The biodegradable tree pots provided by GREENWEIMO can not only protect seedlings, increase seedling survival rate, promote seedling growth, but also increase labor efficiency and benefits.
  • Custom Biodegradable Molded Pulp Packaging For Electronics
    Our life is inseparable from all kinds of electronic products, from all kinds of household appliances to mobile phones, headphones and so on. Green packaging produced by GREENWEIMO plays a very important role in this electronic industry.
  • Custom Biodegradable Molded Pulp Packaging For Egg Tray
    Now the egg box provided by GREENWEIMO is more green and environment-friendly, they are compostable egg cartons. Its material is mainly plant fiber. Egg carton compost is thicker than the original egg box, and the egg packaging is more firm and reliable.
  • Custom Sustainable Agricultural Packaging
    GREENWEIMO now provides sustainable agricultural packaging which is from plant fibers. Through molds and high-tech technology, these plant fibers are pressed into the shape of fruits, such as apples, oranges, kiwi, mangoes, strawberries, avocados, etc., which can be well protected.
  • Custom Sustainable Packaging For Medical Use
    The medical disposable urinal provided by GREENWEIMO can reduce this risk and facilitate the operation and management of medical staff.
  • Custom Biodegradable Clothing Packaging
    GREENWEIMO is concerned that clothing is a very broad market. At present, the packaging of many clothes is either plastic bags or cartons. In order to protect our earth, plastic bags have been banned by more and more countries, and the materials of cartons come from trees. Excessive deforestation is very harmful to our air and our earth.
  • Custom Sustainable Packaging For Pets
    Every pet owner wants his pet to eat healthily and sleep safely and comfortably. Of course, the poop should be handled properly. Pets need care like children. They will chew and bite in their own bowl or nest.
  • Custom Eco Friendly Wine Bottle Packaging
    The design, structure and integrity of glass bottle packaging are very important. Therefore, GREENWEIMO will consider the ergonomics of the bottle to make the packaging fit the bottle itself as much as possible and fully wrap the whole body of the bottle.

Why Choose Custom Molded Pulp Eco Friendly Packaging?

Advantage of Customized Eco Packaging

Advantage of Customized Eco Packaging

Green packaging will also be the development trend and future of the packaging industry. Eco friendly custom packaging can improve the credibility of enterprises, and environmental protection is of great significance and the top priority to protect the earth. The custom biodegradable molded pulp packaging provided by GREENWEIMO is integrated and high-grade. They can be directly used for the packaging works designed by global designers. They are formal and professional. The packaging materials are sustainable plant fibers. If they are directly placed in the soil, they can be turned into fertilizer and fed back to the earth in 30 days.

Future trends of Customized Eco Packaging

Future trends of Customized Eco Packaging

Products that need transportation cannot do without packing.  Now many products in the world are using plastic or foam packaging to protect products.  With the development and progress of our mankind, many countries on the earth have begun to ban plastic.  Many large enterprises with a sense of social responsibility have joined the ranks of environmental protection.  Focusing on environmental protection and doing green development is a good thing for the country and the people and contribute to mankind.

Custom Molded Pulp Packaging FAQ

Why is Custom Molded Pulp Packaging Worth the Investment?

If the product uses custom biodegradable packaging, the advantages of the product can be made more valuable through design. At the same time, you can also engrave the logo information on the package to improve the popularity of the brand. When enterprises choose to use biodegradable custom packaging materials and customize them according to product needs, it is a manifestation of corporate social responsibility. At present, bagasse material comes from natural sugarcane, and its color is natural and beautiful, which is deeply loved by many well-known enterprise designers.

How do I Choose Custom Packaging for my Custom Brand?

For a custom brand, it is recommended to pack its products with custom eco packaging materials rather than plastic packaging or other non eco friendly custom packaging materials. A well-known brand, not only its products are of high quality, but also its packaging is environmentally friendly. The earth is our home, and we should protect it together. Therefore, if a brand can use custom compostable packaging materials, like custom pulp packaging, it can actually encourage its buyers to do environmental protection together, and its brand popularity will be more popular with the public.

Why Does Custom Biodegradable Packaging Have Minimum Order Quantities?

It is because custom compostable packaging is developed and designed according to the needs of enterprises and products. After the customer confirms the design, the biodegradable packaging manufacturer will redevelop a new mold, which belongs to the customer. The cost of a new set of molds will normally cost thousands of dollars. Generally, custom molds are not recommended for small batches, but sample molds are recommended. After the customer confirms the sample of the sample mold, the manufacturer will help the customer develop the production mold for mass production. As a professional custom molded pulp packaging supplier, GREENWEIMO has a relatively large output. So we generally don't produce only hundreds or thousands of biodegradable custom packaging. Generally, powerful brands have sales of tens of thousands, so they all meet our production requirements.