Degradable Pallets Become The Future Development Trend

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to green environmental protection, and "green environmental protection" has become an inevitable trend in the development of social environment. Although large plastic products such as plastic pallets can be recycled and reused efficiently, small plastic products are one of the main sources of environmental pollution. Currently, the emergence of degradable pallets and other environmentally friendly packaging products has alleviated this One problem.

Some analysts pointed out that there are more than 60,000 plastic packaging products companies including plastic pallets in China, but most of the plastic products such as plastic pallets cannot be degraded. This poses a huge threat to the environment. Compared with ordinary plastic pallets, biodegradable meal tray has high strength, good toughness, biodegradability, and are non-toxic, but the cost is relatively high, 1.5-3 times that of ordinary plastic pallets. With the implementation of China's plastic restriction order and the acceleration of garbage classification, the consumption of biodegradable food box, shopping bag and garbage bag has increased rapidly.

Although biodegradable materials have achieved satisfactory results after years of research and development, there are still problems such as difficulty in processing and high prices, and technical issues such as process formulations need to be further improved. Therefore, accelerating product application R&D and industrialization, strengthening product processing and development research, improving garbage recycling and processing systems, promoting the reuse of biodegradable materials, and accelerating the formulation of relevant policies and regulations have become the focus of the development of biodegradable packaging material industry.

At present, the global market demand for plastic films and disposable plastic pallets is about 30 million tons, while the global production capacity of degradable materials is only 800,000 tons, which is far from meeting market demand. The EU's total ban on the use of traditional plastic pallets and the vigorous promotion of biodegradable materials have brought new opportunities to the development of biodegradable materials favored by bagasse packaging manufacturers, thereby promoting the rapid development of the biodegradable pallet industry.

According to the "2011 China Plastic Pallet Industry Analysis and Research Report" released by Shangpu Consulting, China's biodegradable materials have entered the eve of large-scale industrialization. With the promulgation of relevant policies and the increase of public awareness of environmental protection, they will promote The rapid development of the biodegradable pallet industry.