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Does Greenweimo has product showroom?
For Ningbo Weimo Article Co., Ltd, the display hall is just another step to cater to customer requirements. It may provide a persuasive and high-touch experience to our customers. Even though our online resources Offer product information such as colors, dimensions, and specifications, the listings can not give our customers the feeling of undergoing biodegradable clamshell in person. For that, customers typically need a showroom. We put out samples that enable people to interact with products.
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Greenweimo is a Chinese supplier of biodegradable food containers. We are well-known for our advanced expertise and excellence in manufacture. The biodegradable bowl series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The design of biodegradable products has many virtues such as bagasse tableware and so on. The product will be returned to nature as organic fertilizer. Greenweimo is ceaselessly developing new products to satisfy customers' new needs. There are different capacities for customers to choose from.

We have a clear business plan: to establish an R&D department in foreign markets. Therefore, at this point, we are going to invest more in cultivating talents or introducing R&D experts.

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