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dunkin\' donuts plans to phase out foam cups in stores worldwide by 2020

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-21
Dunkin\' Donuts announced earlier in February that it plans to phase out all polystyrene foam cups in its global supply chain starting in spring 2018, hoping to completely phase them out of global stores by 2020.
In American restaurants, Dunkin\' Donuts will replace the foam cup with a new double layer donut.
Paper cups with walls
The foam cup is slow due to decomposition and environmental protection.
The cup will eventually be in the ocean and will hurt marine life and other animals that swallow the Cup.
According to Dunkin\' Donuts, the new pair
Wall paper cups have been used in dunnton\'s next-generation concept store, the company\'s birthplace is Quincy, Massachusetts. The eco-
The friendly Cup will be launched in spring 2018 in all Dunkin\' Donuts in New York City and California, and will be rolled out step by step throughout the United StatesS.
With the improvement of supplier manufacturing capacity.
\"There are more than 9,000 Duncan Donuts restaurants in the United States. S.
In this case, our decision to eliminate the foam cup is of great significance to our brand and industry.
It is our responsibility to improve our packaging to make it better for the planet while also meeting the needs of our guests, \"said Karen Raskopf, chief communications and sustainability officer, Dunkin\' brands.
More sustainable, while keeping the heat of the drink and the cool hands. By mid-
2020, all DD American restaurants will be in our new double-
Paper cups with walls
Learn more: Pictures. twitter. com/nqb2chJfBL—
Doughnuts (@dunkindonuts)
February 7, 2018 double
The wallpaper cup is made of cardboard certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard and will be repackaged using the currentclosable lid.
The Cup will also have a thermal insulation similar to the company\'s foam cup, which will keep the heat of the drink. The double-
According to Dunkin\' Donuts, the wall design will keep the hands cool without the need for extra sleeves.
\"Getting rid of the bubble is a key goal for Dunkin\' Donuts US.
And double-
\"Walled cup, we will be able to provide a replacement that meets the needs and expectations of our customers and the communities we serve,\" Raskopf said . \".
The company has also made great progress in other areas of environmental protection.
Friendly commitment in the United StatesS.
Including 80% of fiber-based consumer-
For packaging certified by the end of this year through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards;
Remove artificial dyes from the menu;
Make new, more energy
Efficient Restaurant;
And work with Rainforest Alliance to get certified coffee.
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