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eco friendly business cards from cereal carton

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-24
When attending various trade shows and/or meetings that you would like to impress (
Queen/My mistake :)
Contact you met
You also want to be eco-friendly so that your impact on nature will be minimal.
So this project: I make business cards with grain cartons with black and white laser printers.
They came out really neat, colorful and flashy.
They will definitely impress people.
Find the side of the factory glued carton and carefully separate the folded paper by hand.
There are many programs to disassemble that you can do.
If you are an avid user, you can even do so in Notepad.
Since I am a Linux person, I am doing this at gLabels.
After completion, do a test print on normal paper.
Then superimpose the printed business card on the standard law or A4 (
If you are in Europe like me)
Cut the next page from the grain carton and print your business card that looks great.
If your printer is not very cooperative, you may need to \"push\" the carton a little.
All I need is a little push.
Look, the business card is ready.
With scissors or fancy cutters, your eco-friendly low budget card can be a success for you!
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