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Eco Friendly Packaging

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-10
In my previous article I wrote about eco friendly carrier bags and how you can do your part to help with the environment. Well the carriers are not the only products that can be made environmentally friendly. Probably the most popular eco products are packaging in general. Standard corrugated boxes are also an item used everyday whether it be to package products to send to shops or for people to place products in for storage or transportation. These boxes use a lot more of the environments resources than a carrier bag due to their size is it is even more important that these can be made eco friendly. A lot of companies now offer a range of these as well, they are made from paper that has been sourced from managed forests or recycled fibres and each box can be recycled 100%. These boxes are environmentally friendly and the material is still strong enough to support items of the same weight a standard corrugated box could hold. This has taken off rather well and a lot of companies provide these variations in packaging and it is a good thing as well because a lot of people do not take care of the environment so someone needs to, companies offering these eco friendly products are doing a service to the environment so why do you help them out as well by changing your supplier to an eco friendly one. It is not likely to cost you any extra than you already pay but it will help the environment and even enhance your company credentials.
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