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Energy Efficient Office Space

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-19
Having and energy efficient office space is a winning combination for both employer and employee alike. Installing solar panels or magnetic generators is an excellent money saving strategy for creating energy efficiency. This will let the clients and employees know that you truly care about them and the atmosphere at the very same time. There are many ways right now you can being implementing a more energy efficient office that in the end will save your company money and save some of the world's energy sources at the same time. Here are a few situations that you can begin to implement right now. First, you need to create an entirely paperless payroll system. Imagine companies that are printing thousands of paper check each year when they could easily save money on these checks by offering direct deposit or pay cards to their employees. This not only saves your company thousands of dollars each year in payroll, but it saves trees from being cut down and made into the paper you need to print the checks. When you do need to print documents, make sure you do so using only 100 percent recycled printing paper that is biodegradable. Secondly, if you are in an area with lots of sunshine, installing the solar panels is a great way to conserve energy. Not only that, but it will save you in electricity costs year-round. While solar panels can be an expense to install, in the long run, over the course of a few years you will be saving money and helping the environment, which is a win-win situation for your business. Thirdly, your office space needs disposable goods, such as paper cups, paper towels, tissue, and toilet paper, all of which can be bought in recyclable form, which not only biodegrades quicker, but it helps the global warming condition, which in the end will save you money. Never use PVC, Styrofoam, plastic bottled water, or aluminum since these can sit in the landfills for 100 years before they biodegrade. Right now, there is a lot of trash in landfills all over the world that has products that have been there many years and probably from people that are no longer living because the products are so old and yet they have not degraded. All of the lights in the office space need to be changed to fluorescent because these use 20 percent or less energy than traditional lighting and therefore, will save you oodles of money in your electric bill each month. In fact, it can save you 50 percent or more on utility costs. In addition, in unoccupied meeting rooms and bathrooms, have the sensor lights installed, which means they only come on when the sensor 'senses' someone in the room, which greatly reduces the amount of energy your office space is using. Lastly, make sure your cooling and heating systems are ENERGY STAR rated (if you cannot use solar panels). This can save you a great deal from traditional heating and cooling by making sure that the unit is running efficiently at all times. These are just a few things you can do to being making your office space one that is efficient and can save you money.
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