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Enhance The Quality of Life With Koro Coffee Machines

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-18
Discovering Koro coffee can be a real joy. For aesthetic pleasure and excellent technical value Koro coffee machines are matchless. Its design has given it soft and modern lines, while the size has been defined keeping space constraints in mind since the delivery area is only 24 cm high. The Koro coffee machines are extraordinarily compact and reliable because the highest quality components, which are normally used in dispensers that support much heavier workloads, have been used to build them. Koro coffee machines are available in the following models: Espresso, Instant and Fresh Brew Koro Expresso. They offer as many as eight selections including a decaf version for espressos. You can also use the hot water option to brew green tea or make some energy drink like Bournvita or Bovril. This makes Koro coffee machines ideal for environments such as offices, meeting rooms, stores, professional studios, small cafes and restaurants. They come with optional base cabinets - empty or equipped with waste container, cups, stirrers. Koro coffee uses advanced 16-bit electronic control with 4 Mb memory space making it extremely flexible and can be managed in many different ways. Serving up to 60 fresh bean to cup drinks per hour this professional coffee machine will put an early morning smile on guests and a source of vital stimulation for office workers needing inspiration to face the day. Koro coffee is after all a gourmet bean to cup coffee machine. Getting hold of Koro coffee machines is like having a mini coffee bar at the push of a button. The options on the menu card make Koro coffee seem like you have wandered into some cafe. The list includes espresso, cafe macchiato, decaffeinated coffee, cafe lungo, cappuccino, cafe latte, Americano, tea and hot water. To top it all the Koro coffee machines are good to planet earth. While energy consumption is reduced up to 13%, its waste products are biodegradable. You should use the built-in mains switch to shut off the mains power supply completely if the machine is going to be idle for quite a while, such as when you are leaving the home for office.
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