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Environmental Friendly Contract Hotel Beds And

by:Greenweimo     2020-07-16
Just like the number of options available in clothing line, contract hotel beds and contract mattresses too have a list. Choosing from the list can be a tedious task if you are not aware of the qualities that these products should posses. Since the products are meant for high commercial as well as domestic usage so these have to pass some standard tests. Fire resistance: One of the quality which the product should posses is the fire resistance. The standard for domestic and commercial usage differs. Test methods are according to the match test and cigarette test. A fire safety officer assesses the specific area in the premises where the product will be used. The performance requirements are categorized in three levels as medium hazard, high hazard and very high fire hazard. Manufactured product must meet the guidelines of fire safety act. Other things which need to be taken care off in the premises are: installation of fire alarms, proper fire detection measures and also the existence of emergency exit routes. Eco- friendly: Another quality speaks of the environment friendly behavior of the products. The contract mattresses are considered environment friendly if the foam which is used to fill these is eco- friendly or the product contains certified fabrics. Certified fabrics are excellent in humid conditions they absorb humidity and provide proper ventilation. The mattresses have a fire barrier. The fire barrier is treated with an FR agent, which is considered eco- friendly if the agent is non - toxic. Latex rubber, natural plant oil, if used to make the foam is considered environmental friendly. Natural deodorant: The products require a spray of anti -oxidant to prevent occurrence of bad smell due to usage over a period of time. Instead of using chemical deodorants, the products should be treated with natural anti- oxidant; which keep the products fresh for a long period of time without causing any harm to the environment. Recyclable packaging: Check the material used for packaging the products. Some plastic bags are biodegradable and hence can be used. Also at times the mattresses are packed in the boxes which can be further recycled. Companies who use the environmental friendly products certainly offer you value for money. Cover of the Mattresses: Generally the cover is made of bleached cotton which gives a good appearance but not recommended for usage as chemicals are used in bleach and dyes, which indirectly increases your exposure to chemicals. Certified cotton products are best to cover the Contract Mattresses.
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