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EU passes resolution to ban disposable plastics


The European Parliament passed an overwhelming resolution on Wednesday to ban a single-use plastic article, including straws, tableware and coffee stir bars, across the EU.

The resolution was adopted by 571 votes in favor, 53 votes against, and 34 abstentions.

This resolution, if ratified by the European Commission and all member states, will become law in 2021.

Proponents of the resolution say that plastics are a major source of pollution in the oceans and cities and that it will take decades to degrade.

A video widely circulated on the Internet earlier this year showing a wildlife rescuer pulling a plastic straw from a turtle's bleeding nose is heartbreaking.

A group of European plastics makers called the EU s resolution excessiveand said that a ban on disposable plastics discourages people from investing in new recycling methods.

The European Union s ban on disposable plastic products also sets a deadline for reducing the use or recycling of other plastic products such as plastic bottles, fishing lines, food packaging and cigarette filters.

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