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Five Ways to Go Green at The Dinner Table

by:Greenweimo     2020-07-15
Whether it's with a tray in front of your television or with your family at the dining room table, almost everybody eats dinner every night (or at least most nights). Are you being as eco friendly as you can be during the dinner hour? Here are five tips on how to be green at the dinner table! Eat Less Meat Meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and global warming of anything on the planet. We're not saying that you or your family need to become die-hard vegans or vegetarians, but reduce how much meat you serve at dinner time. In fact, you may even consider wanting to have some entirely meat free days! Waste Less Food and Compost What Isn't Eaten The global food shortage is very real, and in the Western world food is wasted at unprecedented rates. Serve as much as you or your family will eat, and don't throw out leftovers, save them and reuse them later. You may even want to freeze them! For food that can't be saved and reused later, start a compost pile or bin for better environmental impact. Stop Ordering Takeout Firstly, takeout is not healthy for you to begin with! However, every takeout order you place involves the need for packaging (often in non-biodegradable formats) and the carbon footprint of the delivery trip to bring the takeout to you. Cook at home. Not only is it healthier, but it will reduce your monthly food budget. No Paper Plates and Cups! We're not sure when we got so lazy in America that that it became common to eat dinner on disposable plates and cups just to avoid doing dishes, but we disapprove! Yes, doing dishes or running the dishwasher does use energy and leave a carbon footprint, but not one nearly as big as using disposable dishes. Use real dishes! Turn Off the TV During Dinner If you're alone, enjoy some quiet time to reflect on your day. If you are a family, talk about your lives. Not only does turning off the television during dinner mean more thinking or interactive time, it saves energy! The dinner table is a great place not only to eat and interact, but also to significantly reduce your carbon footprint with just a few small changes!
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