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by:Greenweimo     2019-12-01
Drivolv, an expert in automotive lubricants from Germany, has been recognized globally as one of the better brands on the market.
In the fierce market competition, the brand has been recognized and recognized worldwide.
One of the main reasons for the brand\'s success is its revolutionary packaging.
The packaging practices adopted by Drivo set a new benchmark for the safety of consumers with the benefits of real products.
The packaging method adopted by Drivolv not only makes the product beautiful, but also enhances the practicality of the packaging.
The brand sets new industry standards for packaging automotive lubricants. 1. IML (
Mold label)
The birth of IML in the packaging industry is a boon for consumers and companies.
The bottle is heat resistant and when exposed to higher temperatures, it does not allow deterioration of the quality.
Drivolv uses IML as part of its packaging process.
The use of IML can extend the service life of the product and ensure the authenticity of the product. 2.
A box of oil a box of concept oil is indeed revolutionary.
The use of a box with a unique pouring faucet has been appreciated by consumers around the world.
Many social groups praised the brand\'s efforts to avoid the social responsibility of using plastic.
The pouring faucet is one-
Product usage time.
It cannot be pushed back and therefore plagiarism is not allowed.
The oil in the box concept is also ideal for other brands to follow. 3.
Drive the lubricant with a unique pull out mouth and handle.
The spout can better control the outflow and limit the waste of the lubricant.
The pulled out mouth cannot be pushed into the container.
Therefore, the product will not be affected by improper behavior such as refilling and copying.
In addition to the special spout, the sturdy handle of the product is also appreciated by consumers around the world.
The pull-out mouth and handle concept is also an ideal device for the automotive lubricant industry. 4. Eco-
Friendly Packaging materials the materials used for packaging the products are completely eco-friendly
Friendly and recyclable.
Drivolv understands its social responsibility and ensures that it contributes in the best possible way. Use of eco-
As global warming rises to a new level, friendly materials are needed for an hour.
Dareva took a big step towards creating a better environment
Others wear them.
The packaging practices adopted by Drivo are really inspiring and are designed to do better for consumers and society as a whole.
The brand\'s efforts have also been recognized and praised by consumers and social groups around the world.
Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say --
\"If you want your product to be packaged --
Pack like drivolv.
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