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going grey is the green solution for saving water

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-13
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Turning green with gray water requires some action to make every drop of water meaningful and requires determination and tact.
When it is possible to become a severe drought, we cannot waste our decreasing reserve of water resources.
Credit: Sue VisserWe need to change our habits at home and around and save a lot of water every day.
According to statistics, people in cities like Cape Town use 240 liters of Purification (potable)
Water per person per day.
Not everyone has a garden and they say more than 35% of the water is coming from there.
Although it takes more than 30 liters to clean the car with a hose, not everyone owns the car.
So, where exactly does most of our water flow from-from the sewer!
Can we be smarter at home? Yes, we can!
We all know to wash, brush and rinse more effectively, but few of us seriously commit to recycling the water we use at home.
At least half of the water we waste can be used to water the garden and flush the toilet.
The remodeled plumbing can deliver the water from the shower, bathtub and washing machine directly to the garden.
A new invention intercepts the bathtub or shower outlet pipe and provides an attachment for the garden hose.
This automated the process and we are installing these beautiful gadgets by a very aggressive gentleman.
Not every drain is at the right level, but some of them are located above the sloping area of the garden or even the bucket.
Bath water can be saved and water tanks can be filled as needed to flush toilets and water plants.
We can explore the use of recycled items, especially large plastic bottles, pipe fragments and (now redundant)hose pipes.
Credit: there are a lot of smart ideas on the internet and we can come up with smart ideas to make it easier to water gardens without sprinklers or hoses.
Delicate new plants can be covered by a dome, which is cut in half by a plastic water bottle to produce a bottle garden effect.
This also protects them from snails.
Make sure you\'re the only good way to eat baby basil and mint.
Old water bottles can save a lot of time when watering larger plants.
Fill them with water and make a small hole near the top.
Fill the bottles in a large bucket or drain them with them.
When it comes down, the water slowly drops into the soil, which prevents running.
This is the curse of the watering pot.
A more ingenious approach is to make a hole in the bottom of a large 20 liter water bottle or bucket.
Insert the 3-way hose fitting into the hole and seal it with a glue gun.
Connect two short hoses on top, you have two
Ash water dispenser.
We used a watering can to load the bath water from the upstairs into this equipment.
In addition to fitness and muscle training, we can keep the driest places in our small garden moist.
Adapt to your planting and watering habits, we need to become more water conscious and keep the garden reasonably green during the hot summer months.
The burnt lawns and dry gardens are a grim choice.
We have to use as little water as possible to make it go further than ever before.
Best Choice for filling barrels and tanks with drinking water (drinking)
The water is reoriented \"gray\" water from the bathtub, shower and washing machine.
When you can\'t sprinkle water everywhere, the ground becomes very dry and healthy once the ganmei plants start to die in front of you.
This is a sad situation and we need to promote the watering process by guiding the water to the roots of the plant and preventing runningoff.
Where we live, the roads and ditches next to the public gardens and flower beds usually receive more water than the plants!
Where is the covering, why is the water flowing into the road Credit: Sue witherto my entertainment I noticed that the same is true when the bucket is now splashed on plants that grow in the dome --
Sand-shaped flower beds.
This is a very important moment.
Water the roads in consuming and expensive ways, and the wind blows the sand all over the place.
Our complaints and requests for the covering were ignored and no ground cover plants were planted to help weave the soil together.
Covering is anything that can cover the soil to keep the ground cool and wet.
Even gravel can be used to help water penetrate into the soil.
We need to plant a small group of new seedlings in what I call \"bakkie\" or plates, dig into the soil, with a raised edge around it, like a dam wall.
Fill it with compost and cover it with a covering or gravel, then it only needs to splash a drop of good water from the bucket occasionally.
Credit: Sue VisserWe was told to plant more meat plants and drought-resistant plants, or what they call water plant species with good roots.
It is also helpful to have a smaller garden.
If you do not drill holes, a large garden with a wide lawn will be a challenge. Grey water (
From shower, bathroom and laundry)
It will have to be distributed as widely as possible.
50% of our personal water consumption is lost, so we would rather use it to save your garden.
Ask an expert to help you build a modified plumbing and low pressure sprinkler system to do the job.
It is illegal to store gray water or let it lie in a puddle because it does contain bacteria.
So use it carefully.
The hose conducted a comparative flow rate study with watering cansI to find out how much water was used in a watering tank or bucket.
The efficacy of the watering process was also considered.
It will take a minute for a 12-liter kettle to fill the tap, and if the tap is half open it will take a minute to fill.
In other words, half-open the faucet can provide enough water for 2 tanks in 1 minute (24 litres)
Or the hose time required to water the small courtyard garden is the same.
With the spray pot, 4-6 refills are required for the same area to do the job.
More than twice the water, it took me at least 8 times.
A lot of water rolls down from the dry soil and falls on the pavement.
In other words, with my hose, I spray the leaves evenly with half the water, soak the soil and save 7 minutes!
Credit: Sue visseso if you\'re a weak old lady and can\'t even lift a bucket of water, it\'s worth considering where we wasted most of the water.
By paying attention to leaking taps, and even the toilet\'s reservoir, washing shorter showers every once in a while, or recycling gray water, you can prevent more hidden waste than just banning water pipes.
Even with the use of water pipes, a temporary gadget can be used to recycle gray water!
For car wash, the bucket is enough so that less water is consumed.
Most importantly, wash the car on the lawn and don\'t waste a drop of water.
The brushing ceremony and the best solution for our brushing our teeth tell everyone!
Fluoride is not a safe substance for gray water systems.
We are often reminded not to let the tap run when we clean our teeth.
Do we really need to get it wet before we use toothpaste or toothbrush? Some people squeeze the toothpaste on their fingers and then tuck it into their mouth before scrubbing it.
You can use it instead of your toothbrush and toothpaste.
Fill the toothbrush with water, wet the toothbrush and rinse it after use.
As long as you want, only 250 ml of water will be consumed as long as the tap is running all the time, not 3-8 liters.
When we used to go camping, we only needed a glass of water to brush our teeth.
As a gesture, the brick in the toilet is not always the best option, we are asked to put a brick in the toilet tank to save water.
This means flushing off your personal load with less water.
If the burden is too big, return triumphantly for a second (or third)
Need to rinse.
Conservation experts now tell us that brick tricks can undermine the subtle mechanics of most of our modern toilets.
Most of them have a dueling flush system that helps prevent overwashing and they use 6-9 liters.
The old toilet releases 13 liters of water, and placing 2 bricks or plastic bottles in the tank can reduce the amount of flushing by 2-4 liters.
But, in addition to \"in the bush or using long water drops\", using the old bath water to fill the tank or rinse the bowl directly is the most frugal option.
Another problem with the toilet is that a lot of water is leaking out of the tank without being noticed.
Sometimes, when the flushing mechanism fails and the valve cannot be closed normally, you can hear the water flowing in the bathroom.
Other leaks are more cunning.
A clever way to detect them is to add some food pigments to the tank.
If you see colored water in the toilet bowl and no one is close to it-your toilet leaks and needs to be repaired.
After each tiny splash, the constant flushing of the toilet needs to be more stringent.
The smallest jingle does not need to be urgently eliminated like the sparkling beer of someone who urinated like a fire hose. (Some still can! )
A large pot of ash water in a bathtub or washing machine can greatly reduce the consumption of drinking water.
If you are being treated with urine, you will recycle these things and no longer need to rinse it.
It\'s not everyone\'s diaper, but it\'s worth keeping the urine in the bottle and shaking it into the Moore hole and driving them away.
Some people say it works so it\'s worth a try!
How to take advantage of the power of the shower by 10 liters, every minute we open the shower leaks out of the drain on average, which includes the time we waste in heating the water.
Therefore, the average shower is used at least 30-
The moon rose water and giggled away.
Prevent this waste by placing a large plastic basin on the floor below the shower head.
Scoop the gray water into the water tank and go to the garden for free or flush the toilet with it.
A natural option is to install a shower in the middle of your lawn.
The neighbors will be very happy!
Try using eco anyway-
Friendly shower gel for Ph.
The most important thing is to modify the drain so that the gray water can be delivered directly to the garden.
The bush shower is a plastic bag hanging on a tree with 5 liters of water in it.
This is what you get, so you learn to bathe yourself with a glass of water before taking a shower.
The bathtub provides you with nutrition, and your plantsA hot sy bathtub provides healing pleasure for sore joints and trembling shoulders.
Run bubble bath using ecosystem
Friendly shower gel and a large scoop of Epsom salt tip.
This provides you with magnesium and doubles as a plant nutrient.
When the lemon tree leaves turn yellow, this means they need more magnesium.
We\'re not going to turn yellow, but if you\'re already what they call insulin resistance then you definitely need more magnesium.
According to a group of nutrition scientists, it is easily absorbed by the skin.
Feel good on the skin, relax and ease your creaking joints, so enjoy the benefits of your bath!
Don\'t pull the plug-
Recycle the water.
Mother Nature will give you a medal for your ingenuity.
Washing machine is a big source of gray water. The drain outlet pipe of the washing machine is easy to find-it has a ridge or flexible pipe that is placed inside the larger rigid drain pipe.
This is where the gray water is pouring out, so we need to redirect it to the big bucket, or drain it directly from the nearest door.
Many years ago, I needed to reduce the acidity of the soil under a row of pine trees in the garden.
I connected an ordinary water pipe to the drain pipe of the washing machine (with duct tape)
Automatic watering area.
After a month or two, the soil pH is balanced and I can grow shrubs in the new flower beds.
It is recommended to use environmental washing powder.
Friendly, because the phosphate content of the ordinary super whitening big smile detergent is too high.
One option is to allow the first flush to flow out along the drain, and then capture the remaining flush water in the tub.
The modern washing machine consumes an average of 57-114 liters of water, so it is worth a try.
Old machines are wasted between 109-170 liters, so make sure you have full washing.
We need to be more considerate when we throw items into the laundry basket.
For example, not every denim jeans needs to be cleaned every time they are worn, and treating stains with care will help prevent extra cleaning loads.
If everything fails, buy a plastic lawn and water your roof garden with gray water!
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