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Green Life, Green Food Packaging


Green food packaging should become the trend of the packaging industry. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards and consumption levels, environmental pollution and waste of resources continue to increase. Low-carbon and environmental protection must be paid attention to. Urgent need for sustainable food packaging solutions. The concept of green consumption should become a social consensus.

GREENWEIMO Provides Green Food Packaging

GREENWEIMO has always taken environmental protection as its social responsibility, advocated a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, integrated environmental protection into its brand concept, and produced biodegradable packaging. It is difficult to make a big thing by ourselves. We should mobilize all our staff and take action to implant the concept of environmental protection in our lives and promote the concept of green life, green food packaging.

Environmental protection is no small matter, guiding green life + green consumption mode.

Green represents life, represents health and vitality, and is a color full of hope. The international understanding of "green" usually includes three aspects: life, energy saving and environmental protection. The content of green consumption is very broad, including not only green products, green food packaging, but also the recycling of materials, the effective use of energy, the protection of the living environment, and the protection of species. It can be said to cover all aspects of production and consumption.

Green life, green food packaging: save water and electricity, travel green, save paper, use less detergent, choose non-phosphorus detergent, reasonably control indoor air-conditioning temperature, reuse environmentally friendly shopping bags, reduce the use of disposable daily necessities, make full use of recyclable items, biodegradable packaging, etc.

Green consumption: buy green food, refuse excessive packaging and use green food packaging, resist cherishing animal products, buy energy-saving products such as high-efficiency energy-saving motors, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vehicles, and high-efficiency lighting.

In social consumption, it is not only necessary to meet the consumer needs and safety and health of our generation, but also to meet the consumer needs, safety and health of future generations. Green development is not only an economic reform related to the adjustment of industrial structure and production, but also a green revolution in the transformation of consumption patterns, lifestyles and values. This requires global cooperation to actively provide sustainable food packaging solutions to form a new trend of consciously practicing green consumption. Promote green consumption, accelerate the promotion of green lifestyle, guide green production and green manufacturing, use green food packaging, protect the ecological environment from the source, and reduce pollution emissions. Consolidate consensus, bring together the forces of the whole society, and form a strong joint force for ecological civilization construction and environmental protection.

GREENWEIMO provides green food packaging products and a new way of green life. Our tableware is made of bagasse or wheat straw as raw materials. After processing, it becomes a container for all kinds of food. Bagasse tableware is degradable in nature and is a kind of biodegradable packaging. It will not become long-term garbage like plastic products, causing environmental pollution.

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