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Plant Fiber Square Shape Plate


GREENWEIMO tableware is environment friendly organic biodegradable product, we have extensive product lines ranging in size from small to large in various shapes and designs.


Wheat straw plates are made from wheat, bagasse plates are made from sugarcane, shapes of circle, Ellipse, rectangle, square and different sizes to meet your requests. Square plate has compact and lightweight packaging making them easy to handle and transport.


◆  Shape: Round,compartment,ellipse, oval, square, rectangle

◆  Material: Wheat straw and Bagasse

◆  Feature: safe and non-toxic

Optional Color

Unbleached bagasse food package is white color, wheat straw food package is the original color.

Product Features

GREENWEIMO Plate is treated with scientific technology, and adds food grade waterproof and oil-proof additives, so that the product has the following excellent characteristics:


Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless and healthy.


Suitable for microwave, Can resist 120 ° C hot oil, anti-100 ° C hot water, no deformation and no leakage.


Recycling value, and protection of resources.


Natural degradation can be into organic fertilizer, which is reduced to carbon dioxide and water, then returns to nature.

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