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Bagasse Tray Properties And Benefits


Bagasse Tray is white color, nice appearance, biodegradable and compost.All the compost trays are made from sugarcane bagasse, bagasse is the material that sugar leave off the sugarcane, it is from plant and natural, can protect our Earth not like the plastic food package, plastic trays or other tableware are not biodegradable, or need some condition and long long time. The bagasse tableware can be compost in the natural condition, we have passed the certification of OK COMPOST, it is the new material that can bring eco friendly line for disposables. The HS CODE of this product is 48237000.


We have put some example bagasse trays on the website, and there are other more sizes and shapes available for your choice, size of 196x147x27mm,220x135x25mm,258x155x15mm, 260x200x15mm, 269x135x25mm, 290x210x40mm. 

Those are their pictures:






Bagasse Tray Properties:

We can also custom shape and size for you, if you want to make your own product biodegradable package, we would love to develop model for you. If there is no product can meet your request, you can send the product details you want and send us, we can make testing model or production model to make samples for you, and after samples are confirmed, we can discuss the order and mass production.

Production Of  Bagasse Tray:

The development of the food industry is inseparable from the progress of food packaging technology. At the same time, new food packaging materials are constantly escorting food safety and promoting new development of the industry.

Greenweimo is the company specializing in the production and sale of disposable, fully degradable pulp tableware and environmentally friendly packaging materials. The company has advanced fully automated production equipment, professional R & D and production technology and management team, perfect production processes, quality management system, and can serve customers Provide a variety of environmentally friendly packaging requirements. Its products mainly use bagasse and wheat straw materials as raw materials. The products have the advantages of 100% total degradation, beautiful appearance, strong toughness, heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, non-toxicity, and tastelessness. The products meet international health standards and environmental protection. standard.

Benefits Of Bagasse Tray:

As environmental problems become increasingly prominent, people's awareness of environmental protection in the process of production and consumption is also constantly strengthened. In addition to daily purification equipment, low-cost cooling equipment and other kitchenware and electrical appliances, it has gradually been refined into food packaging materials. Following the health trend, the food industry is also trying to revolutionize food packaging, making natural and renewable materials into the characteristics of packaging materials to adapt to the current market consumption concept.

Use sugarcane bagasse to produce food packaging containers is good for environment,the production process is mixing sugar cane bagasse with a binder, and stirred uniformly. It is made by using a screen blank making method, at the same time, dewatered and dried, then molded and shaped, and hot air dried to obtain the product. The quality is relatively good; it can consume the maximum amount of bagasse, so that the bagasse can be used, and it has a positive effect on environmental protection.At the same time, the products produced can be naturally degraded within a certain period after use, thus realize the goal of protecting environment.

We want to do the biodegradable line to less pressure for Earth and human beings, also the Coca-cola is trying to use biodegradable food packing, there is the news : Coca-Cola ranks No. 1 in brand value in the global food and beverage industry. The global beverage giant's industry status is unmatched by other companies. However, in recent years, consumers' health consumption awareness has led carbonated beverage-based Coca-Cola market sales continue to decline, the beverage giants realized the trendy keywords of "health, natural, environmental protection". The Coca-Cola Company has begun to move from sweet alternatives to ingredients and the development of renewable beverage bottles.

At the Milan World Expo, Coca-Cola showed the world's first polyester plastic bottle made entirely of plant materials. Plant-friendly bottle packaging materials use innovative technology to make fully recyclable plastic bottles made from renewable plant materials.

Plant environmentally friendly bottle packaging materials not only meet consumer expectations for high-quality packaging materials, but also add the advantages of using renewable materials. The packaging material is available in a variety of sizes for packaging water, soft drinks, fruit juices, tea beverages, and more. Today, The Coca-Cola Company uses sugar cane and the waste from the sugar cane production process to produce plant-friendly bottle packaging materials. Both materials meet the sustainability standards set by The Coca-Cola Company to identify plant-based raw materials for plant environmentally friendly bottle materials. Guiding principles include verifying whether environmental and social performance has been improved and whether adverse effects related to food safety have been avoided.

Since the launch of polyester plastic bottles, The Coca-Cola Company has distributed more than 35 billion bottles of beverages packaged in current plant-friendly bottles in nearly 40 countries. Plant-based raw materials for making plant environmentally friendly bottle packaging materials are up to 30%. It has been estimated that the use of plant-friendly bottle packaging materials to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 315,000 metric tons per year since launch.

Our bagasse tray tableware is the same step with Coca-cola, they both are compost food container, if you also want to find your own new biodegradable tableware, please contact us.

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