Guide To Sugarcane Fiber Packaging

What Is Sugarcane Fiber Packaging? 

Plant fiber with bagasse as raw material is made into molded pulp packaging products through various processes. Whether used as disposable tableware or industrial product packaging, it is the first choice to replace plastic products. Biodegradable and compostable, molded fiber packaging is beneficial to protect the environment by solving "white pollution".

Molded Pulp Packaging

Molded Fiber Packaging

What Is Sugarcane Fiber Used in?

1. Papermaking

Use bagasse as an alternative raw material for wood to produce paper bagasse cup, fully degradable paper agricultural mulch film, and paper dining utensils. Among them, the fully degradable paper agricultural mulch film uses 100% bagasse pulp, which can be recycled for papermaking and can be naturally degraded. Molded paper pulp packaging can solve the problem of white pollution caused by the use of polystyrene plastic tableware for many years. It is considered to be the most promising new results.

2. Production of high-density composite materials

The chemical composition of bagasse is similar to that of wood, and it is a good raw material for board making. Using bagasse resources to produce high-density composites. Due to the small specific gravity of bagasse and good fiber quality, the obtained board has high strength and light weight, and the produced board and profile are free from biological damage, low water absorption, and not corroded by seawater; good fire resistance and good resistance. Moulded pulp packaging has good mechanical processing performance and decorative performance, and is suitable for furniture, construction, carriages, ships, packaging boxes and other production industries. Today , high-quality custom molded pulp packaging is provided by many professional packaging manufacturers.

How Does Bagasse Fiber Compare to Alternative Packaging Products? 

Under the policy of banning plastics, products made of various environmentally friendly materials come in all shapes and sizes with uneven quality. Even mixed with non-degradable materials. Biodegradable sugarcane pulp packaging products use bagasse fiber as raw material, which is taken from nature, used in nature, and attributed to nature. Pulp moulded product has the characteristics of cushioning, pressure resistance, shock resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance, and will not produce any garbage residue and pollution. Moulded paper pulp packaging is an sugarcane food container from nature.

Sugarcane Pulp Packaging