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haiti plastics ban gets mixed reaction from cost-conscious poor

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-29
Haiti banned plastic and foam food containers as well as black polyethylene bags on Monday amid concerns that the country\'s poorest consumers could not afford a replacement.
The ban is the first of a series of government measures aimed at helping the environment in the poorest countries of the hemisphere.
Ban plastics and oil more widely
The base products of Caribbean countries can be combined with the final production of local biodegradable alternatives.
Blocked canals and roadside sewers, as well as piles of garbage on the corner mainly made up of discarded plastic products, have been part of the Haitian capital landscape for the past decade.
In an interview with Reuters, Haiti\'s environment minister Jean Vilmond Hilaire said: \"Look at the number of containers arriving in the country and their negative effects . \".
\"If we build a local industry that can make these containers with our own agricultural waste, it will be the best.
\"The ban is in line with global trends, with plastic bag restrictions imposed in some major cities as well as in some poor countries such as Rwanda and Bangladesh.
But turning to potentially more expensive biotechnology
Biodegradable bags and containers may further irritate consumers.
In recent weeks, more than 10 million people across the country, including protests in the capital in September 30, have attacked the government at high prices.
The first batch of ecology
Two weeks ago, friendly containers were imported from the United States to Haiti, and Hilaire placed a small stack of containers next to his desk.
\"These are made of agricultural waste,\" he said, lifting a light brown hinge flap food container.
Although the ban came into effect on October 1, Hilaire said there will be three
Month grace period.
A feasibility study funded by the French government will be conducted next month to examine the possibility of local production of biodegradable food containers.
The announcement of the new policy in August left people confused about which plastic bags will be banned.
Worried about small and transparent plastic bags used to distribute drinking water --
The most common way to buy drinking water on the street --
Sparked protests.
The ban prohibits the use of black polyethylene bags made of recycled materials, which are popular with street vendors and their consumers.
There is no ban on opaque white plastic bags with slightly more expensive prices, which are printed with red smiling faces and imported from China.
Just a few blocks from Hilaire\'s port. au-
The 56-year-old Prince Suzette Gay\'s office puts rice and meat on a plastic foam board, waiting for customers.
\"I heard they will let us change because the plates won\'t break,\" she said . \".
Gay pays about 30 gourmets, or 75 Americans. S.
The price of a pack of 25 polystyrene plates is cents.
She said she would change if the government provided her environmental plates free of charge.
Otherwise, she said: \"I will not change.
24-year-old Stephen Italien, who lives in the La Difference district of the capital\'s solesoleil slum, says a nearby canal is often blocked by polystyrene, plastic containers and bags, despite having a fixed community --driven clean-up efforts.
\"Every time it rains, there will be more garbage pouring in,\" said Italien, who supports the plastic ban . \".
\"We want people to respect this and keep it going because it\'s the problem that bothers us the most.
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