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Happy Earth Week! Celebs Share Green Tips on Going Eco-Friendly

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-13
If you don\'t notice, Earth Week at E!
We have been celebrating everything about environmental protection.
Get along in Hollywood through our green initiative.
So how do some of our favorite celebrities get green?
Ashley Tisdale told us recently.
\"I am building my house from scratch and my father and I are talking about doing solar panels because I like to do what I can.
\"We are big recyclers at home,\" said Kat Graham dished, a vampire diaries beauty . \".
\"Anything you think is not recyclable, think about it carefully before you throw it away.
I think recycling is a big deal.
This is important.
It\'s easy, and that\'s why it\'s so important.
Sarah Hailan, a Modern Family actress, said: \"I try to turn off the lights.
I recycle a lot.
We can go to the recycling center for each bottle.
Ensure recycling.
\"The Lovely couple Rumer Willis and Jason Blair are making good use of their green thumbs.
\"She has a garden,\" Blair told us at the GLAAD Media Awards.
\"I \'ve always wanted to try to have a garden and see if I can do it,\" Willis explained . \".
\"I tried a little last year and actually I could grow watermelon, strawberry and onion.
I try to grow corn.
I don\'t know what I\'m thinking. It was great. I loved it.
It\'s good when you eat something you have grown up.
\"Our environment is very green now,\" Blair added . \"
We have an alkaline water dispenser at home, so there is no water bottle at home.
Wherever we go, we bring our own water.
\"I\'m Cape Sharp,\" said Matt Dallas, a former Kyle XY actor . \".
\"The biggest tip I did was to turn off the water when I like to take a shower in the shower. . .
When you think about how much water you wasted while taking a shower.
That\'s what I did.
Ray Liota is also trying to save water.
\"I only have one toilet flush like at night, although I have about seven or eight trips,\" he said . \".
As for his ice man costar Winona Ryder \"I actually tried [be green]
Every day, whether it\'s compost, you know, just realize that turning off the lights and turning everything off, just realize that there are so many things that people can do in terms of sustainability and the environment.
Former Broadway star, current NCIS: Los Angeles actor Barrett Fua suggested: \"have a real water bottle . \".
\"I feel like I\'m in New York, which was popular a few years ago in Los Angeles. A.
It\'s so stupid that no one carries his own water bottle.
Use reusable water bottles.
This is my big deal. \"L. A.
Andrew lannels says moving from New York has taught him environmental protection.
\"The City of Los Angeles places a lot of emphasis on recycling, so I feel like I \'ve learned a lot as long as I live in California.
I feel the recycling law is much more stringent than many other cities I have stayed in.
It\'s really rubbing on me. \"
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