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Hot Promotional Product Ideas

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-17
Not sure what type of promotional product you should pick this year? With hundreds of thousands of logo imprinted promotional items available in today's market, finding the right one for your business or organization can be daunting. I've listed a couple of hot categories to consider for branding your company this year as well as information that could help you narrow down your choices. Apparel: If ever there was one promotional product category that was universally accepted and good for any financial climate, it'd be the category of Apparel. Free t-shirts, golf shirts, baseball caps & jackets are always gladly accepted and always in demand (even if it's branded with your logo and contact information). The benefits of logo imprinted apparel is that people will wear it and wear it with pride and all while branding your company. There are tens of thousands of different promotional clothing items that can be silk screened, embroidered or heat transferred with your company logo and slogan. Promotional apparel can also make a wonderful addition to your employee moral packages as well as employee incentive program rewards. Too many times, in my adolescence, did I see my peers do humiliating feats just to obtain a single solitary t-shirt that sported a local radio station logo. Apparel can go a long way when it comes to building your brand. Even if you don't have the budget to hand out hundreds of logo imprinted t-shirts and hats, you should most definitely have your company logo embroidered on your shirts. Branding all of your company attire can help your small business look bigger than it actually is. Pens: Never take for granted the mighty pen when it comes to promotional marketing. Everyone, in business, uses a pen on a daily basis so why not take advantage of this fact? Branding a nice pen with your company name and contact information insures that it will be in view ever time that the user picks it up to write with. There are thousands of different pens in almost every shape, size and color imaginable. There's bound to be a pen that will compliment your brand. When picking a promotional product for your business, you want to pick one that is going to provide you the most exposure. If your promotional item is not getting a lot of exposure, then it is not working to help you build your company brand. Pens and any other desktop tools are perfect promotional products because they are used on a very regular basis-- thus giving your logo and contact information great exposure. Don't skimp on your promotional pen selection. Consider this one very important fact before going for the cheapest pen that you can find... People can almost become 'married' to a pen that they like. Have you ever had someone not want to let you borrow their pen because that was their 'favorite pen'? In almost every case, that pen that they protect with such pride and purpose is not a cheap pen that would have run out of ink a few weeks after first use. No... The pens that people cherish the most are usually the pens that have a some weight to them, are easy to use, have a refillable ink cartridge and write very smoothly. If you want to invest in a promotional pen-- You want one that is going to be not only cherished, but also coveted! Bags: Branding a shopping bag with your store logo, web address, physical address and phone number is one of those things that is simply a 'no brainer' for any storefront business. Whether you're a big department store, grocery store, pharmacy or small family owned store, you should always take advantage of branding your shopping bags with your company logo and contact information. For both disposable plastic shopping bags and reusable cloth shopping bags the same rule applies-- Always take advantage of any opportunity to improve your company brand recognition. Almost every person leaving your store, leaves with a bag that you either gave them or they brought with them and when they leave that customer should leave with bags that have your logo on them letting people know where they just spent their money and where they should also be spending their money. Plastic bags are not the best for the environment... There's no disputing that fact, but until every consumer in the world gets bit by the 'green' bug, those plastic bags are a necessary evil. One great thing that can be said about them, however, is that all too often they are reused for lunch bags. So not only is your customer branding your business with these bags after they leave their store and unloading those bags from their vehicle in plain site of their neighbors-- Some people will be continuing to help promote your brand by reusing these handy little plastic bags to carry their lunch to work or school. Environmentally speaking-- you always want to go the route of a reusable cloth shopping bag when branding your business and even more so-- a reusable shopping bag made of recycled materials. Not only will you get a lot more exposure out of the life of your shopping bags, you'll also get a longer life out of that bag. The really funny thing about these logo imprinted reusable bags is that (and I've seen this happen on so many occasions) if you went with a nice quality bag, that bag will be used for all kinds of shopping-- so you'll see your bags being used in every store that customer visits. I've seen reusable bags branded with a popular grocery store being filled up at a bed & bath store. It tickled me to see this. The branding opportunities with reusable bags are never ending. Drinkware: Who doesn't like a free coffee mug, plastic cup or sports bottle? My voice can me heard in that resounding 'I DO!'. I remember attending health insurance fairs in my younger years of non-self employment and jumping all over the opportunity to obtain a free piece of logo imprinted drink wear and being disappointed when I was beaten to the treasure because they'd jut ran out before I was able to get to the table that had them. My fellow coworkers were almost ready to engage into mortal combat over gaining ownership of the very last Humana imprinted sipper cup. I'd see those coveted cups used for years after the health fair-- so they were definitely the promotional gift that kept on giving (giving back to the company that branded it). With so many choices in drinkware, you're bound to find the perfect cup, mug, sipper or bottle to best suite your brand. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and color and materials. There's even drinkware that's made of recycled materials, drinkware that IS recyclable and even biodegradable (completely and safely dissolving in a landfill after just 9 months). Mouse Pads: Mouse pads are another great way to keep your company brand and contact information in front of your customers. Mouse pads are always on the desktop where people work on their computers every day. Branded properly and with close consideration placed on mouse placement-- A properly designed custom mouse pad can offer your more branding opportunities than most desktop promotional items. There's a lot of advertising real estate on a mouse pad and everyone loves to get a free mouse pad. You can list your products and services and even provide images of those products and service in vivid full color. Mouse pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and custom shapes can be made to fit the design of your brand. Advertising mouse pads are very affordable and have a long term branding potential. Here's some of our most popular mouse pads. Hand Sanitizers: With all of the viral scares of late, a perfect way of branding your business is to imprint your logo and contact information on hand sanitizer bottles and sprays. We live in a time where people are finding themselves without health insurance. Getting sick and missing time from work is probably no longer an option for most. With the fear of getting sick, having to pay money out of pocket for a doctor's visit and/or missing out on a much needed paycheck-- hand sanitizer sales are at an all time high. With the right kind of hand sanitizer branded with your company brand and information, you'll not only be showing your customers and potential customers that you care for their health-- You'll also be branding your business every time the bottle is used. Favorite picks for hand sanitizers And More and More and More: There are so many affordable ways of branding your business via promotional products. Always keep in mind that people love to receive FREE stuff and if it's good FREE stuff that they can use and use often-- the rewards of having your company logo printed on that FREE stuff goes without mentioning. More Promotional Giveaway Ideas Include: Stress Relievers (balls, animal shapes, fruit shapes, character shapes, etc.) Magnets (with helpful information like calendars) Chip Bag Clips (heavy duty bag clips last a long time and are used often) Sunglass Clips (to hang glasses on car sun visors) Can Coolies Lip Balm Suntan Lotion (available in a variety of packaging and levels of protection) Candy & Mints (available in many varieties of flavors and packaging) Pizza Cutters (plastic and metal) Wall Calendars USB Thumb Drives and thousands of other possibilities.
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