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How to Produce Sugarcane Bagasse Food Container



Bagasse material for food safe, food package biodegradable

Sugarcane Bagasse Food Container is a popular tableware nowadays. Therefore, we use plant fiber- bagasse to make food package, they are biodegradable and green for our life. Many customers do not know how do us make the compost tableware, here is what we do:


Natural plant

Sugarcane bagasse

Plant fiber 

Production Of Sugarcane Bagasse Food Container

We strictly control each production process to produce high-quality products.Here is our detailed production process:

First, also the essential control point, Raw Material Inspection. 

When we get the raw material, sugarcane bagasse, we will make inspection of the material to check if the material is reach our standard, this is the the first step that we can control the quality from the original point.

We use bagasse produced in the production process of sugarcane factory to produce food packaging containers. This method mainly uses bagasse. Its production cost is relatively low, the process is simple, and the quality of the product is better. After the product is used, It can be naturally degraded within a certain period of time. This method is easy to achieve industrial production and can consume the maximum amount of bagasse. This allows the bagasse to be used and has a positive effect on environmental protection

Second, Make Sugarcane pulp.

Sugarcane pulp is a kind of pulp. It uses sugar cane bagasse as raw material and is formulated into a certain concentration of pulp through hydraulic pulping and high temperature disinfection.

Use foam pulp and hydraulic turbine beater to saponify the fiber separation to improve the fiber's binding ability; add related auxiliary materials to improve the moisture resistance of the molded pulp tableware and the waterproof performance of the finished product, Greenweimo add specific related auxiliary materials to the pulp, and finally add water to adjust The consistency of the raw pulp makes it easier to dehydrate the raw pulp on the net mold.

This sugar cane pulp is a natural degradable and compostable plant fiber material!

Third, Molding Stereo type.

Molding stereo type g is to make the raw pulp into a shape of a semi-wet pulp tableware blank. That is, the pulp from the pulping process is dehydrated on a metal mold to form a prototype of wet pulp tableware. This is a key process in the production of paper tableware. About 95% of the water in the pulp is removed during molding.

The special molding machine is used for molding to remove the water that has not been removed from the prototype of the pulp tableware during the forming process, so as to reduce the cost of drying and dehydration, which is called molding. At the same time, the compression can increase the bonding force between the fibers and increase the strength of the wet paper mold.

Drying is to heat and evaporate the pulp tableware prototype with the help of the preheated upper and lower stereotyped pure copper shaping mold heat to remove the remaining water after the pulp tableware prototype is molded and molded, and at the same time play a sterilizing role.

Fourth, Cutting.

This process uses hot die pressure forming, calendering, eliminating the net marks left by the paper web forming, making the inner and outer surfaces smooth and smooth, and can be pressed with some text and patterns according to different customer and use requirements. At the same time, the burr on the edge of the cutlery is cut off, and the indentation that facilitates the folding and opening of the lid is pressed.

Fifth, Product Quality checking.

According to the appearance and the companys testing requirements, we check whether the product is qualified and divided into first-class products and waste products.

Here you are, this is our clamshell product picture, they make food looks more delicious, don't they?


Biodegradable compost

Clamshell with food

Make food more safe

Sixth, Metal detector.

Each sugarcane bagasse food container need be tested by metal detector to make sure they reach the product and food safe level.


Disinfection makes customers be guaranteed in safe. We are not only want to sell product, more want to make safe product let our environment and food be better.

Eighth, Packing.

We usually have 3 ways for packing, but also can do it according to your request, the standard packing is larger packing (packing material is PE), Heat seal (packing material is POF), Heat shrinkable( packing material is POF).

Ninth, Delivered to warehouse.

Biodegradable food package is well done, then we deliver them to the warehouse, and then ship to every custom who love green tableware.

Hello, green world!
Compost biodegradable bagasse product line

Advantages Of Bagasse Pulp Food Packing Production

1. Turn waste into wealth. In the past, bagasse was generally used as a fuel for combustion, which has low value and pollutes the air after combustion. If bagasse is used for pulping to make food packaging, its value will increase by 3-5 times compared with the use of fuel.

2. Bagasse is used as pulping raw material, and each ton of bagasse can replace 0.5-0.8m³ of other fiber raw materials. It can alleviate the pressure of wood shortage and protect the green space and ecological balance.

3. Sugarcane has high regeneration capacity, high yield can also be better used in the production of food packaging industry, reduce costs, and is an excellent fiber material. In short, bagasse pulp can protect our resources and ecology.

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