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How to Send Parcels Around The World

by:Greenweimo     2020-07-13
There are a number of different ways to send parcels across the world - you could send parcels through the Royal Mail, either via Airmail or via International Delivery, or through an international courier service. Which service you choose depends on your budget and the urgency of sending the parcel. Here are some tips for sending parcels around the world, whatever your budget. Identify Whether You Need a Courier International couriers and domestic couriers tend to be cheaper than post office services, particularly for sending packages and parcels instead of cards and letters. Royal Mail still tend to offer fairly inexpensive pricing options for sending cards, letters, small packets and small parcels, but if you're planning to send a larger parcel or if you need to send the parcel urgently, it might make more sense to use a courier. Many couriers offer next day or even same day delivery, so this is very useful if you need to urgently send a parcel. Package Goods Correctly Packaging goods correctly is especially important if you plan to send parcels around the world as they'll be placed onto several different modes of transportation during their journey. Failure to package goods properly could void any insurance, which means that you or the person receiving your parcel will be unable to claim compensation for any breakages. Here are some simple tips for packaging your goods correctly. Clear Customs Most international couriers will require you to fill out a form detailing the contents of your parcel for tax and customs purposes. Ensure that you fill out the form properly before sending your parcel so that your parcel doesn't get delayed through customs and adhere to any guidelines that the courier company offers for sending parcels to specific countries, specifically those outside of the EU. Insure Against Damage Sending an item through a courier firm typically means that your parcel will be delivered with some form of insurance, but this could only be up to 250. If the item is particularly valuable and you need extra cover, ask the firm to add additional insurance to your order.
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