How to Use the Bagasse Food Container?

Bagasse refers to the leftover bagasse fiber after bagasse is transformed into sugar. As the growers of bagasse produce almost 80% of the sugar consumed globally, a vast amount of bagasse is available as a byproduct. Bagasse is considered a waste product that requires no additional resources to produce. Moreover, bagasse is abundant and considered a renewable resource as it can regrow in just 10 months. This rapid regrowth capacity makes bagasse and bagasse more environmentally friendly alternatives to paper and wood products.

How are bagasse food containers made?

As previously mentioned, bagasse is the fiber left over from extracting bagasse juice. This fiber is then molded into multifunctional meat trays, production trays, and other food packaging products by high-pressure and high-temperature processes. Making sugarcane bagasse food container actually consumes less energy than making paper products from wood pulp, resulting in extremely durable and versatile bagasse food containers products. The most popular bagasse products include bagasse roast chicken containers, bagasse bowls, bagasse plates, bagasse meat trays, bagasse produce trays, bagasse takeaway food containers, and bagasse paper shopping bags.

Are bagasse food containers environmentally friendly?  Sugarcane pulp containers are one of the most environmentally friendly solutions in the market. The bagasse food containers we produce are: 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable within 90 days, 100% recyclable, non-toxic with no chemical substances, 100% natural and carbon-neutral, since it is a byproduct of bagasse production, it does not require additional land for cultivation, nor does it contribute to deforestation. Moreover, producing bagasse is much more efficient than producing products from wood. Specifically, producing 1 ton of bagasse paper requires only 1.5 tons of bagasse pulp, whereas it requires 5 tons of wood for 1 ton of paper production.

What are the benefits of bagasse food containers products?

When you choose bagasse food packaging, you will get a highly durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly product. Some of the main benefits our customers experience when using bagasse products include: resistance to soaking, making it suitable for raw or pre-cooked meat, strong resistance to moisture and oil, durable and can withstand flexibility without the need for wax or plastic lining, microwave-safe and freezer-friendly, meaning it can be used for hot and cold items, completely compostable and biodegradable.