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I Need Some Easy Ways To Make My Restaurant Greener

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-21
Lets take a look at some very simple things that restaurant owners and chains can do to make a difference in the way they run their operations, eliminate excess trash and waste, and provide convenience for their customers while putting things in motion starting tomorrow morning. You don't have to rebuild your building in order for it to be LEED certified, or eliminate all of the water that you use in your operation, or never throw out another piece of trash. But you can add disposable plates and tableware tomorrow for a big change that is easy to implement. Make eco -friendly disposable plates a part of your "doggie bag" program. Check out bagasse (sugar cane) or other compostable fiber products and use them instead of foam or plastic containers. Let your customers know they can compost their containers, rather than dumping them in the trash. Add biodegradable containers for food to your drive through operations. There are many companies that make compostable plates, bowls, hinged lid containers, cutlery and even coffee cup lids that will work with your drive through business. Some companies do custom products and embossing for a more personalized product. Use eco- friendly disposable tableware for catering events. For your next corporate party, outdoor bbq or other casual event assemble a collection of eco-friendly disposable plates and bowls, napkins and tablecloths made from recycled materials and cups made from recyclable or compostable materials. By purchasing your items made from a compostable material, all of the waste from the event can be composted into mulch by a composting company or maybe even one of the attendees if they have a compost pile in their backyard. Stop washing plates and cutlery at casual restaurants and use biodegradable disposable tableware instead. Save on water bills, soap, electricity and labor to wash everything and save time bussing tables with lighter materials like bagasse tableware, which is completely compostable. Eliminate the breakage of regular tableware and the crashing sounds when customers and employees drop their dishes. Take the used eco-friendly disposable tableware, compost it and start your own herb garden for the restaurant or have a local composting company haul it away. Many restaurants have their own herb gardens on site or close by, and how wonderful is it to have a 360 degree solution such that the used tableware becomes mulch for the herb garden? Make sure that the products you use are fully compostable, to ensure that everything breaks down properly.
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