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ireland considers \'coffee tax\' to cut back on disposable cups

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-18
The Irish government is considering a new \"latte tax\" to reduce the use of disposable cups.
Environment Minister Dennis Norton said
Plastic bag tax-
Under consideration.
He told the Irish Independent that 2 million disposable cups were delivered to landfill sites every day.
The Scottish government is also considering a mandatory fee for coffee cups to end the \"one-time culture \".
Scotland\'s environment minister, Rosanna Cunningham, said the government would consider reducing waste through fiscal stimulus.
Mr. Norton and MS Cunningham held a meeting on the issue of waste disposal.
\"These landfill sites have burst at the seams,\" Mr Naughten said . \".
\"International research has shown that financial incentives, reusable alternatives, and a single-
The use of coffee cups has a direct impact on consumer behavior, so Minister Rosanna Cunningham and I will be watching this together.
\"What I discussed with her was how we could best pool our resources and come up with a viable solution.
\"Last year, the British government said it had no plans to tax coffee shop cups after a minister said it could repeat its success in reducing waste in plastic bags.
Earlier this year, the British government set up a waste disposal strategy working group to consider the disposal of common garbage, including disposable coffee cups.
In Ireland, Mr. Naughten indicated that he wanted to change consumer behaviour through financial incentives, reusable alternatives and improved information on the environmental impact of so many disposable cups.
In the minister\'s own constituency, Roscommon has a pilot program where cafes offer discounts to customers using reusable cups.
\"Similar plans are implemented in New York and may be more in line with the lifestyle of New York than here.
You can quickly join by using reusable cups
\"Follow up the coffee queue,\" Mr Naughten said . \".
\"We also intend to work together on best practices and international studies on whether to levy coffee cup taxes --
Similar plastic bag levy-
Will have any practical impact on customer behavior.
Scotland is considering taxation there.
The \"latte tax\" proposal is in its early stages.
A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: \"We are committed to working further to address the disposable culture by considering how to reduce the demand for disposable items such as disposable cups.
\"We will appoint a panel of experts to advise on possible use of similar successful plastic bag charges and other potential measures to encourage long-term use
Long-term and sustainable changes in consumer behavior.
\"15 years ago, Ireland introduced a tax that was one of the first countries to reduce the use of plastic bags.
Wales began collecting taxes in 2011, followed by Northern Ireland in 2013, Scotland in 2014 and England in 2015.
In 2013, Northern Ireland imposed a 5 p tax, and the use of plastic bags fell nearly 72% in a year.
Mark H. Durkan, then environment minister, said the figure was equivalent to a reduction of about 0. 215 billion bags.
He said the four.
The funds raised have been invested in environmental projects.
One-off coffee cups issued by billions of dollars are \"almost impossible\" to recycle, activists say, although major cafe chains claim they are eco-friendlyfriendly.
According to some estimates, less than 1% of these two people.
The 5bn paper and plastic cups used each year in the UK are recycled, which has led to criticism of high street cafes stamping them with recycling marks.
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