Is Bagasse Safe for Food Pulp Trays?

1. Is the pulp tray food packaging safe?

Products made from molded fibers, such as pulp trays, are more likely to contain PFAS (perfluorinated and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which are artificial substances found in many products such as food packaging, water or stain repellent fabrics, and nonstick cookware Chemical material. These chemicals make packaging more resistant to oil, grease and moisture.

The Food and Drug Administration monitors food packaging safety, including molded pulp trays. The FDA must approve each substance before it comes into contact with any food. It also tests PFAS used in food packaging to ensure it meets safety standards. Based on best available safety practices, FDA does not consider PFAS to pose a food safety hazard to human food. There is no indication that these substances cause any human health problems.

Molded pulp packaging provides maximum protection for fragile or fragile products such as eggs throughout the movement. Its reliability reduces damage and losses suffered by the manufacturers and retailers involved. Advantages of molded pulp packaging: high reliability and strength; breathability and moisture absorption; easy to use and transport; environmentally friendly; easy to recycle. Due to its compactness and smaller size, the Molded Fiber Egg Carton Tray creates more space during arrangement, product storage and shipping. Greatly reduces the cost of warehousing logistics and transportation.

2. Is bagasse safe for food pulp trays?

As a by-product of cane sugar production, bagasse is a dry pulpy fiber. During the production process, the cane stems are crushed to extract the juice for the processing of crystallized cane sugar. After washing and drying, the remaining fibrous pulp can be used as livestock feed, paper, construction materials and food packaging. You may be wondering why bagasse should be considered over other materials for food pulp trays. Here are three reasons why bagasse is a better choice:

The production used in sugarcane bagasse tray is environmentally friendly: it takes several years for a tree to be ready for harvest and production. Whereas sugar cane is easier for the environment as it requires fewer natural resources to fully grow and regenerate. Bagasse pulp trays are durable: bagasse is lightweight yet strong when moulded. Bagasse pulp trays are yearly renewable: Bagasse is renewable every year, so it can be replenished and restored naturally within a year. Just one growing season is enough to regenerate sugar cane.