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Keeping America Beautiful During Your Next Event

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-15
April celebrates a great opportunity to Keep America Beautiful, reminding us all of how valuable our environment is. But, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate it with some festivities. There are plenty of methods and practices that you can incorporate into your April celebration that help keep our lands beautiful so that everyone can continue to have fun while practicing techniques that keep our environment looking beautiful. So, how can you keep America beautiful this month while conserving your dinnerware? While you may be thinking 'no plastic cups' is the rule to avoid trash, that doesn't mean you necessarily have to change how you eat. Recycle bins that separate paper, plastic, and cans will help keep trash off the ground, but also ensure that it gets to the right place for proper recycling. You don't necessarily have to make it a big deal, but this is a great opportunity to raise awareness about keeping your land beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Just be sure that you clearly label multiple bins throughout your event area, placing them all together so your guests won't have to walk from one side of the party to throw away their paper and then to another to dispose of plastic. Also keep in mind that recycled paper products are becoming widely available. These are also very beneficial if you don't want to risk breaking any valuable glass or dinnerware. But lately, biodegradable dinnerware producers are becoming more popular. There are plenty of sites that have begun producing 'green' solutions to dinnerware that are produced specifically to benefit the environment. Unlike many plastic items, biodegradable ware will do the job of serving some delicious meals served by your caterer, without doing harm to your environment when you're done. If your event is going to be attended by ten or fewer guests, you may consider utilizing washable dinner ware. A small number of trusted friends and relatives would mean less risk of anything valuable getting damaged or broken. Not only will you create less trash, but you'll also save money on purchasing disposable cups, plates, and utensils. That both saves you your 'green' and keeps the environment green for an all-around win! This is also a great opportunity to optimize finger foods, doing away with just about any excess trash. You could opt for hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and dip, food on a stick (sausages or Popsicles). Gomez Catering of West Texas realizes the value of caring for the environment and is a great caterer with whom you can discuss a wide variety of great entrees that don't necessarily need plates or utensils to serve them. Your guests can just grab and go while they mingle and enjoy a spectacular event. This April, everyone can take the time to help do our part to keep the environment clean and celebrate the occasion with fun and creative practices. From food to dinnerware, you can do your part to make sure that America stays beautiful for generations to come.
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