Molded Paper Pulp Packaging Wholesale

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging Wholesale

GREENWEIMO, a professional molded pulp manufacturer, supplies a one-stop solution for molded pulp packaging products. From creative design to the manufacturing, GREENWEIMO supply all the management, communications, quality control, warehouse management, and shipment. The whole process will be taken care of by our company, so everything becomes easier for customers.

  • Eco-friendly

  • High output

  • Customization

  • Sustainability

Existing Custom Molded Paper Pulp Packaging Display From GREENWEIMO

  • Electronics Packaging

    Electronics Packaging

    GREENWEIMO developed biodegradable molded pulp products for the electronic packaging. Our moulded paper pulp packaging is really great replacement of the plastic packaging. Moulded pulp packaging helps to absorb any impact the box takes and will shield your product from harm during the transportation.
  • Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging

    Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging

    GREENWEIMO can mold the product to the shape of the cosmetic bottle or other container and protect them in the transport. We also have the technology to protect the bottles will not fall down from the package. It is really a Eco-friendly Cosmetic packaging
  • Biodegradable Plant Pots

    Biodegradable Plant Pots

    GREENWEIMO has a good idea from one of our buyers. It is Biodegradable Plant Pots that they will be composted together with the plant or flower. They are really eco-friendly to our earth and will not cause any pollution to the environment.
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Molded Pulp Packaging Design Guidelines

Molded Pulp Packaging Design Guidelines

The design of pulp molded products like wholesale biodegradable pots is not only of structural equipment, but also is determined by raw materials, additives, fillers and production technology. Therefore, the design of pulp molded products is a comprehensive process of technology and structure. In addition to the strength and toughness of paper products, pulp molded products can also be made into various complex shapes according to the functional requirements. When used as industrial inner packaging, its shape is very complex and must meet the three standards of industrial inner packaging.


First, positioning requirements. The packaged products must be able to ensure that the packaged articles have a fixed position in the packaging box. The shape of the packaged products and the packaged articles shall be synchronous, the contact shall be appropriate and the size shall be accurate.


Second, buffer requirements. The whole product shall have certain toughness and flexibility, and the surface shall be soft. When contacting and rubbing with the packaged articles, the surface gloss of the packaged articles shall not be damaged, and the impact caused by collision and vibration during handling can be eliminated.


Third, bearing. The products are required to have certain strength and rigidity to support the packaged goods and bear external pressure. In order to meet the above functional requirements of products, in addition to selecting appropriate raw materials, additives and production processes, structural design is more important.

Molded Pulp Packaging Design Guidelines
GREENWEIMO's Sugarcane Bagasse Packaging Achieve All the Possibilities

GREENWEIMO's Sugarcane Bagasse Packaging Achieve All the Possibilities

As one of professional bagasse packaging manufacturers in China, GREENWEIMO targets to create a low-carbon enterprise and develop a circular economy. Protect our earth and replace plastic packaging. Biodegradable Molded Pulp Packaging is a good choice. It’s strong and flexible by design. They are compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. GREENWEIMO take the clients' idea and create a solution to fit the clients' needs and realize the clients' possibilities for the package. It is plant fiber material that is kind to the environment which is also meeting the packaging requirements of EU environmental protection directive and FDA standards. Through the joint efforts of all employees, the products now cover pulp molding packaging for all kinds of goods such as electronic component packaging, eco beauty packaging as well as eco-friendly food packaging, etc.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "environmental protection, energy conservation, and common development" and the quality policy of "continuous improvement of products and endless service", GREENWEIMO will wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality and efficient services with advanced technology and scientific management, so as to create the brand of "GREENWEIMO".

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GREENWEIMO's Sugarcane Bagasse Packaging Achieve All the Possibilities

FAQs of Moulded Pulp Packaging

Is molded pulp packaging recyclable?

Yes, it is recyclable. It is from plant fiber. Like paper, it is from the tree but cutting trees are not good to our earth. GREENWEIMO molded pulp packaging is Bagasse. The bagasse is the fiber is remained after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. 

What is pulp based packaging?

Pulp's based material is bagasse. This fiber is from sugarcane. Bagasse pulp requires minimal processing to turn it into a woven high-strength material that is biodegradable and compostable. Sugarcane bagasse products are more energy efficient to produce in comparison to pulping wood for paper, or manufacturing plastic from oil.

How is bagasse eco-friendly?

Biodegradable packaging will be composted together with the mud, plant or flower. They are eco-friendly to the environment and will not cause any pollution.

How many types of pulp are there?

GREENWEIMO produces both wet pulp and dry pulp including sugarcane cosmetic packaging, biodegradable plant pots, and molded pulp packaging for electronics, etc..

What is sugarcane bagasse packaging?

The sugarcane bagasse is very eco-friendly material. By pulp molded, it can be protect for electronic products, cosmetic bottles, wine bottles, toys, watches, etc.

What is GREENWEIMO output per year?

Output is more than 50,000tons per year. 50acre production area and more than 2000 production molds are developed to meet different package and markets.


GREENWEIMO is a visionary brand, the global specialist in plant-based compostable and eco-friendly food packaging and other molded pulp packaging.

FAQs of Moulded Pulp Packaging
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