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by:Greenweimo     2020-05-19
There are many Dubai Packaging Companies which are adopting environment friendly design techniques. With the growing needs of the business all around the world, it had become essential to find green alternatives for it. Many Dubai Packaging Company are also looking into the matter and trying to go green so as to reduce the environmental repercussions of the graphic design industry. Sustainable solutions are the new innovation in this field which helps in green packaging. Following are a few of the environmental packaging options for you to choose from. Biodegradable Packaging : Biodegradable paper is one of the best sustainable packaging solutions available in the packing industry. It through biodegradable products is eco friendly because even if this type of packaging is disposed in the environment then they just decompose in the natural habitat and do not cause any kind of pollution. Plastic packaging is a strict no-no these days because their environment repercussions are the highest. They ultimately minimize carbon footprint and are great for customization purposes. Eco friendly Plastic : With eco friendly plastic is also gaining huge popularity in the green packaging business. Although synthetic plastic is one of the most polluting elements in the environment there are three types of environment friendly plastic also available. These three types of environment friendly plastic are: 1) recycled eco plastics which are manufactured from recycled remains of plastics instead of raw and direct petrochemical. 2) Biodegradable plastic which is quite similar to the normal synthetic plastic the only difference being, it degrades faster in the environment. It is designed that way. 3) Bioplastics is the type of environment friendly plastic which is manufactured from natural products, for example corn starch. Use of any of the above three type of plastic comes under the category of green design. Recycled Glass : Packaging with recycled glass is yet another type of eco friendly design practice. With the recycled glass packing high level of purity and quality can be easily achieved. This is considered to be one of the best packaging design options available. This type of design is not only light in weight but is also green because it reduced emissions of green house gases especially carbon dioxide. Glass can be produced in many ways. The three most prominent ways of glass production include: semi automatic method, automatic method, mouth or hand blown method. Which method to use generally depends of the purpose of your production and your product needs.
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