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paper plate papercraft spacecraft craft

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-22
We need more Tegra loride carbon. . . .
All you need is some paper and glue.
A few days before the PC and pepakura showed up, that\'s all we had when we were kids.
Of course, there is already a scaled blueprint and paper craft cut, but the challenge is to do it yourself.
Scissors/tool knife paint clear packaging tape, dome shaped like makeup water cap and electronics that can illuminate it --
I have a plant zone with a Neopixel ring for Adafruit (
Arduino with led)
You can make the model with plain paper, but I want a more rigid model, so the next best way is to use the light card paper or material cleaned up from cardboard paper and paper cups
Find some clean paper trays, paper cups, toothpicks or bamboo ske sticks in the cupboard or pantry.
I used paper trays of 9 inch and 6 inch.
You can do it with foam board instead of Eco Board
Friendly, or those high-end cutlery plates, are thicker, but we want to form shapes easily.
Coating-free plates are easier to glue together.
If you look around you can use a lot of things to form the basic shape of new things.
For the Jupiter 2 spacecraft, there is a dome element at the top of the UFO.
I found this lotion cap made of clear plastic perfect for use.
In any case, it will be recycled after use.
The paper tray is already in the shape of the disc.
We just need to make a deeper bowl shape on the side of it.
Mark the size of the cap at the center of the plate.
Mark the plates in the 8 pie sections.
Slice the pie to fit the cap.
Slice the outer pie slice to the edge of the inner side plate.
Overlap the pie part about 1/4 or indent the side of the board and glue properly.
This gathers the edges to make it the shape of the bowl.
When the paper tray is saturated with glue, you can mash the seams or bumps to form a smoother bowl shape.
We now need to make a paper tray skirt for the tea tray engine ring that will be at the bottom of the paper cup.
Like a bottle cap, mark the paper cup and cut a hole in the smaller paper tray.
I first folded the two cardboard together to get a harder bottom plate.
The paper part of the slice will be the adhesive label.
The assembly will then stick to the bottom of the larger cardboard to form the bottom disc part.
Stick the Cup in the right place.
The top of the Cup protruding through the UFO will support the top UFO part.
Cut the cup to a height and light it out.
Mark the size of the top part mounted on the bottom UFO.
Cut and collect the bottom tea tray edges to fit inside the top tea tray.
Glue, so you have a lip on the bottom tea tray.
Now you can add details to the spacecraft.
Cut the bay window.
I used a few bamboo ske as a window divider.
Reinforce or glue in place with pieces of paper or debris cut from the paper tray.
Build so you have an embedded window frame.
Punch holes in doors or windows with awl or pen.
The equipment hatch holes in the top and covers it from the inside with a piece of cardboard.
Cut some paper plates and use them as a covering for the door and bottom tea tray window cover.
I installed the container for the cap.
The cap can slide in place after I finish painting.
This is exactly what I did to make the landing gear.
Before you get something that looks like a landing gear, continue to glue and fold the pieces of paper.
I use the hole punch to hole the landing gear on the bracket.
If you cut out the rectangular hole with a tool knife, you can display the screen more precisely.
The landing gear pillar uses bamboo sticks.
Small toothpicks were used on the landing gear steps.
Use a lot of glue to make rounded corners or smooth, and fill in any holes or defects you see on the streamlined surface.
Main instructions.
Prime Minister and paint.
I used some silver acrylic paint.
Add engine power ring details using magic marks.
When the paint is dry, you can wipe the window with some transparent packing tape.
Stick the tape to it with tape so you can get a piece of transparent plastic.
Tape the window opening.
You can light this up with anything.
I have an Adafruit Flora Neopixel arduino is hooked on a pair of rings.
It\'s already loaded with basic goggles sketches that provide lighting animations similar to the real Jupiter 2.
One Neopixel ring is attached to the bottom of the paper cup and the other is facing up to provide interior and dome lighting.
Please note that I made some holes in the paper cups in the internal section to increase the light inside.
But then I had to add a layer of extra paper blocking the light on the top tea tray to control the light coming out of the paper tray.
Jupiter is finished on the 2 Th. Time for lunch.
Complete your model by building diorama or set for the spaceship.
Create an alien landscape or rocket launch pad with gantries and other gear.
Do your own sci-fi movie.
Learn how to do special effects. Build Robot.
Have fun.
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