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Plastic Waste Under The Coronavirus In Thailand


Plastic waste has become one of the main components of urban domestic waste, and it is easy to be thrown by people at random, affecting the urban landscape. And "white pollution" is the most serious plastic pollution today.


Plastic Waste Under The Coronavirus In Thailand

According to the plastic pollution news in Thailand, Coronavirus stimulates Thai take-out services, the amount of plastic waste has increased a lot. Thailand's headline news agency The Thai Institute Of Environmental Research announced that during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the amount of waste generated in Thailand has declined. However, due to the increase in the number of takeaway meals, the proportion of plastic waste in almost all cities is increasing.

Dr. Shimchaia, the head of the Environmental Research Institute of Thailand, revealed that Thailand generates more than 27.8 million tons of waste each year, of which 1.13 kg of waste is generated per person per day, and plastic waste accounts for 12%-13%. The total daily waste generated in Bangkok is 10,500 tons, of which 2,000 tons are plastic waste, accounting for 20%.

During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, plastic waste data shows that, in all regions including Bangkok, the total amount of garbage in major tourist cities has declined. The daily garbage volume in Phuket has dropped from 970 tons to 840 tons (a decrease of 13%), the daily garbage volume of Pattaya has dropped from 850 tons to 380 tons (a decrease of 55%) and so on. However, the amount of plastic waste has increased in almost every city. In particular, the takeaway home-to-company service (Food deliver) that has been promoted in many Thai provinces has exacerbated this phenomenon.

Takeaway food delivery services, like online shopping, have been developing and improving for some time. It is undeniable that in the past two or three years, in Bangkok and the surrounding areas, including major cities, takeaway food and online shopping business has grown stronger. Based on the increase in consumer demand for quick and comfortable ways to consume, accompanied by the advancement of technology and the inconvenience of traffic congestion, the takeaway order and online shopping business volume is expected to achieve a growth of 10% per year 20%. However, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the Thai government's national emergency in March and April, its performance growth rate exceeded 100%.

Ordering food to take away will lead to increasing plastic waste. The source of garbage is the packaging garbage for food distribution. The order takeout for each order includes at least the following 5 types of garbage: plastic bags, food cartons, food plastic boxes, plastic boxes, food plastic bags, seasoning bags, beverage plastic cups Wooden chopsticks or plastic chopsticks, plastic spoons or forks, packaging bags for chopsticks or spoons, napkins, etc.


Measures Against Plastic Waste

Dr. Vijan discussed how to reduce and manage plastic waste in takeaway food. It can be a challenge to adjust the packaging of food to reduce plastic waste and achieve environmental friendliness. Or choose to accept or refuse to use plastic packaging on the order app platform when ordering.

plastic waste

Restaurant operators, AFL suppliers and food packaging manufacturers should jointly take measures to reduce plastic waste, such as:

1. Eliminate the use of plastic products, such as single-use plastics (single-use plastics) fork spoons, coffee straws.

2. Use degradable tableware, like tableware made of sugar cane and paper.

3. By providing packaging and storage systems for niche market customers, select reusable food packaging.

4. Design packaging tableware that meets the characteristics of food to reduce the amount of garbage, like using an integrated divided meal box.

5. When ordering food using the app, add the function of providing plastic spoons or unnecessary tableware options.

In short, whether it is before the outbreak of the new crown or after the epidemic has ended, garbage classification is extremely important. Collecting and recycling the increased plastic waste conforms to the concept of circular economy and saves resources in another way. The government must establish a management system that reassures the public to ensure that the garbage will not be mixed upside down and buried as before. In the establishment of designated recyclable garbage collection points, etc.

At the same time, the government must promote and supervise citizens to reduce the use of disposable plastics and take incentives to expand the market for environmentally friendly packaging products so as to increase their market competitiveness.

Plastic tableware occupies a large proportion in take-out. If these plastic tableware are replaced by sugarcane tableware, the environmental pressure will be much reduced.

GREENWEIMO Bagasse pulp environmental protection tableware made of sugarcane has the following characteristics:

1. Resistant to 120 ℃ hot oil and 100 ℃ hot water, no leakage or deformation for two hours.

2. Suitable for microwave oven baking and refrigerator freezing.

3. Clean, hygienic, non-toxic, harmless, wholesome and safe to use.

4. With recycling value, recycled paper making, recycling and resource protection.

5. Natural degradation and reduction to organic fertilizer, return to nature (natural degradation period of 180 days).


Advantages Of Sugarcane Pulp Disposable Tableware:

Due to the edible nature of sugar cane, in terms of materials, sugar cane tableware has more significant external advantages than wood pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp and other raw materials; Therefore, when sugar cane is made into finished products, there is no need to add auxiliary agents due to molding problems, which fully guarantees the 100% degradability of its products.

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