Compostable Bowls Wholesale

Compostable Bowls Wholesale

GREENWEIMO provides quality biodegradable bowls wholesale made of sugarcane bagasse. Now, biodegradable food bowls with lids for hot food are very popular in the market. These biodegradable soup bowls have various volumes to meet different needs. The main shapes of the current plant-based bowls are round, square, and oval shape. Environmental-friendly, the stacked volume of our compostable bowls wholesale is very small and light. They are convenient for packaging and transportation. And you don't have to worry about the leakage of the soup bowl. 

As one of the leading bagasse packaging manufacturers in China, GREENWEIMO offers biodegradable salad bowls, snack bowls, soup bowls, and so on.

Biodegradable Food Bowls for Sale


People want to use biodegradable food bowls, but all of the materials out there can be confusing. Numerous of the compostable bowls wholesale are carpeted with PLA and, recycling isn't an option for them. Numerous consumers will place a paper- grounded compostable package in the recycling box. Unfortunately, PLA carpeted products are a contaminate in the recycling stream. However, when you use biodegradable food bowls like biodegradable soup bowls or biodegradable salad bowls that are also compostable, the plant based bowl can be composted or recycled. Now biodegradable bowls wholesale are true sustainability!

Are Compostable Bowls Microwave Safe?

As one of professional bagasse packaging manufacturers in China, GREENWEIMO offers Biodegradable Bagasse Compostable bowls and plates that are made at high temperature. The biodegradable bowls wholesale is tight, and can be safely put into the microwave oven for use. These biodegradable plates and bowls are extremely versatile and they can be used for holding all your foods, from lunch to dinner. You can use our biodegradable plates and bowls to hold meat, salads, cheese, soup and rice, among other food varieties.

Made from sugarcane fibres known as bagasse, these earth-friendly plates are sustainable and biodegradable. The sugarcane material not only makes these bowls easily compostable but also sturdier and stronger compared to other items out there.

Compostable Plant-Based Bowls Wholesale Advantages


Biodegradable food bowls will be biodegraded in the soil after 90 days.These eco-friendly sugarcane food containers have zero impact on the environment.


Made from natural plants, biodegradable food bowls are safe and good for salad, cake, soup, and so on. 


The plant based bowl is available in different sizes to meet different needs of food packages. More special requests of sizes and shapes are welcomed.         


Biodegradable bowl can also be PFAS-Free, oil proof and water proof.

Biodegradable Food Bowls For Different Occasions

Biodegradable Bowls for Vegetarian Restaurant

You must have heard of vegetarians or vegetarian restaurants. They said that all animals, like humans, are alive and inviolable. There are also some vegetarians who are for good health. They will be vegetarian on one or two days of the week so that their stomachs will not have any digestive burden, so as to achieve the purpose of health preservation. Nowadays, more and more people yearn for health preservation. They will choose to eat or party in vegetarian restaurants. These restaurants often have healthy soup. So when you find that the biodegradable soup bowls of health soup is made of sugarcane bagasse, there is no chemical ingredients, this biodegradable food bowls are only made by extracting plant fiber from sugarcane bagasse, and this plant based bowl is also waterproof and oil-proof. Do you like this biodegradable food bowls? Will you feel that this biodegradable soup bowls are particularly healthy and beneficial to your body? Moreover, in addition to biodegradable soup bowls, GREENWEIMO also provides biodegradable cups wholesale, biodegradable food boxes, biodegradable serving trays, and so on according to actual needs.

Biodegradable Bowls for Vegetarian Restaurant

Biodegradable Bowls for Chinese Buffet Restaurant

Nowadays, Chinese restaurants appear in more and more places abroad, and many people like Chinese food. It has a variety of varieties, colors and tastes, so those Chinese buffet restaurants are especially popular. There is a dish in China that is very healthy, and that is appetizer soup. Appetizer soup is generally drunk before meals to warm the stomach and nourish the stomach. If biodegradable soup bowls with lids are made of sugarcane bagasse, they are heat-resistant and can hold hot food up to 95 degrees Celsius. This kind of biodegradable soup bowls will dissipate some heat through the pores of the plant fiber of sugarcane bagasse, but it can retain most of the temperature, so you can drink some to moisturize the stomach at any time during the meal, and it will not make you feel too full or too supportive. After the meal, you might think the dishes in this restaurant are delicious. In fact, the biodegradable food bowls of health soup looks very ordinary but it plays a very important role.

Biodegradable Bowls for Chinese Buffet Restaurant

Biodegradable Bowls for Home

At home, everyone should prepare some disposable bowls with lids to prevent you from taking up too much time when you are tired or when your friends are visiting. In supermarkets, we used to see all kinds of disposable bowls, they are mainly plastic. However, plastic is not good for environmental protection, because it will not disappear for a long time. It not only pollutes the environment, but also requires a lot of energy consumption in the production process because it is a chemical product. So everyone wants to choose products that are good for the environment. Now more and more supermarkets have begun to sell biodegradable bowls wholesale made of sugarcane fiber. At the same time, sugarcane fiber is a sustainable material. This sustainable food packaging is derived from sugarcane bagasse and has little impact on the environment. This kind of compostable bowls are very healthy, because sugarcane bagasse has no chemical ingredients, is non-toxic, and can be used by infants and young children. Although biodegradable food bowls are a little more expensive than disposable plastic bowls, the difference is not too big. For health and environmental protection, eco friendly containers for food will definitely become our first choice.

Biodegradable Bowls for Home
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